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Czech-Egyptian political and trade relations are on the rise

Deputy Minister Martin Tlapa visited Egypt from 26 to 27 September 2021 to build on the recent very successful official trip of Minister Kulhánek to Cairo. With Mr. Badr Abdelatty, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt, they discussed bilateral relations, regional Middle East affairs, Czech-Egyptian business cooperation as well as ties between Egypt and the EU and Visegrad Group. Furthermore, he met with the Deputy Minister of Military Production and with the Director of the Armament Authority to support ongoing projects of Czech companies in the fields of defense industry and water management. He completed his trip to Cairo by visiting the industrial zone in Helwan where a major project is currently being finalized by a Czech contracting company.

Egypt has traditionally been one of the main Czech business and political partners in the Middle East. Bilateral trade between both countries is growing, the Czech Armed Forces are participating in the Sinai MFO mission and based on the Egyptian stabilization and active mediation role in the region the Government of Egypt represents an important partner for Czech diplomacy. The country has also successfully dealt with the COVID-19 pandemics impact and was able to, as one of the few in the Middle East, maintain a steady economic growth.

In Cairo Deputy Minister Tlapa held consultations with his counterpart Mr. Badr Abdelatty, Deputy Minister for European Affairs, on bilateral political and economic cooperation, current situation in Syria and Libya, on the latest development in the Middle East peace process as well as in the neighboring African states. Furthermore, they discussed the Egypt-EU relations, the dynamically developing cooperation with the V4 countries and the human rights dossier. Martin Tlapa appreciated the Egyptian approach on migration based on a policy of integration and a strict coastal border protection. He also welcomed the recent adoption of the Egyptian national human rights strategy that among others puts a major emphasis on the protection of religious minorities. Both parties agreed to proceed with an open and constructive dialogue on this topic. Mr. Tlapa further conveyed the standing invitation for Minister Shoukry to visit Prague and expressed his belief that the conditions will allow to organize the state visit of President Sisi to the Czech Republic, once postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemics.

On his working visit to Egypt, Deputy Minister Tlapa met later with Mr. Mohamed Mustafa, Deputy Minister of Military Production, and with Major General Osama Ezat, Director of the Armament Authority, to support ongoing and future business projects. Both these government bodies represent key partners for Czech defense industry companies and they manage Egyptian strategic investments into modernization and infrastructure projects. “Czech industry can offer them complex integrated solutions”, Mr. Tlapa stressed. Ministries of Defense of the Czech Republic and of Egypt are currently finalizing negotiations of a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation and their top officials will head their national delegations to the upcoming defense industry exhibitions IDET in Brno and EDEX in Cairo.

Martin Tlapa concluded his stay in Egypt by visiting an industrial zone in Helwan where a Czech contracting company will soon complete a major metal processing factory for the Government of Egypt.