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Trade relations between the Czech Republic and Egypt

The website contains comprehensive information concerning trade opportunities in the Czech Republic, information about how the trade with your partners in the Czech Republic can be financed and insured, connection to your potential partners in trade and - last but not least - it contains information about trade fairs and exhibitions in the Czech Republic.

Legal Framework for Trade between the Czech Republic and Egypt

Both countries have developed efficient framework for business activities. The following agreements have been concluded to support business and trade:

  • Agreement on Promotion and Protection of Investment valid since 4 June 1994
  • Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation, 4 October 1995
  • Trade Agreement between Governments of the Czech Republic and Egypt, 28 November 1993
  • Agreement on Cooperation in Agriculture and Food Industry, 23 March 1997
  • Agreement on Cooperation in the Veterinary Field, 13 April 2000
  • Agreement on Cooperation in the Fytosanitary Field, 13 April 2000
  • Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation, 2 February 1966
  • Agreement on Cooperation between The Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and The Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce, 21 January 1995
  • Agreement on Cooperation between The Confederation of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and The Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Industry, 3 June 1999
  • Agreement on Establishment of The Czech - Egyptian Business Council, 6 March 2000
  • Agreement on Cooperation between The Czech - Arab Chamber of Commerce and The Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce 5 March 2000
  • Memorandum on Cooperation between The Ministry of Industry of the Czech Republic and The Ministry of Electricity and Energy, 27 November 1993

Trade between the Czech Republic and Egypt

In the field of trade Egypt has been a traditional partner for the Czech Republic. Equipment from the Czech Republic to Egypt was successfully delivered mainly for power generation and distribution units, for irrigation systems and water treatment plants and there are many plants for sugar cane processing in Upper Egypt completely delivered and installed by Czech manufacturers. Nowadays, you can see Škoda cars running in streets of Cairo and other Egyptian cities. On the other hand, Egyptian cotton and textile products are well known in the Czech Republic.

However, nowadays trade exchange between the Czech Republic and Egypt is still beyond tradition and existing potential. Many changes in economic development of both countries caused a decrease in their trade exchange during last few years and a lot has to be done to improve it.

Trade exchange in the last six years (mil/USD)

  Volume Export from Czech Import from Egypt
2010 291,915 252,473 39,442
2011 272,775 195,945 76,830
2012 296,089 222,348 73,742
2013 378, 879 285,907 92,972
2014 545,503 448,315 97,618
2015 447,369 369,799 77,570
2016 409,963 331,617 78,345

Source: Czech Statistics


Trade Opportunities
CzechTrade - http://www.czechtradeoffices.com
CzechTrade supplier search service - www.supplier.cz

Egyptian Exporters´ Enquiries
Please, direct your enquires to one or all of following addresses:

Czech - Arab Chamber of Commerce
Na Pískách 19, 160 00 Prague 6
Tel.: 00420 2 3332 4932
Fax: 00420 2 2431 4802

Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic
Seifertova 22, 130 00 Prague 3
Tel.: 00420 2 2409 6111, 378, 379
Fax: 00420 2 2409 6222

Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Prague
Pelléova 14, 160 00 Praha 6 – Bubeneč

Tel.: 00420 224 316 815
Fax: 00420 224 313 837

Web: www.mfa.gov.eg/english/embassies/egyptian_embassy_prague/pages/default.aspx

Finance and Insurance
Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation - http://www.egap.cz/index-en.php

Czech Export Bank - http://www.ceb.cz/en/

Company Information
Registry of Companies (in Czech only) - http://portal.justice.cz/Justice2/Uvod/uvod.aspx
Inform Katalog - http://www.inform.cz/inp/main.html
Hoppenstedt Bonnier - http://www.hbi.cz/project/index.asp
Kompass CR - www.kompass.com
Czech Business Directory - http://www.czechinfocenter.com/e.mag

Selected Professionals Association
Economic Chamber of the CR - http://www.komora.cz/index.aspx
British Chamber of Commerce - www.britishchamber.cz
Brno Chamber of Commerce - www.welcometobrno.cz
Regional Economic Chamber Ostrava - www.khkmsk.cz/en/
Confederation of Industry of the CR - www.spcr.cz/en
Association of Textile, Clothing and Leather Manufacturers - www.atok.cz/lang-en.htm
Association of Glass and Ceramics Industry - www.askpcr.cz/eng/index.html
The Chamber of Tax Advisors - http://www.kdpcr.cz/en/default.htm
Union of Accountants - http://www.komora-ucetnich.cz/nove/
Chamber of Auditors - http://www.kacr.cz/en/
Czech Management Association - http://www.cma.cz/
Automotive Industry Association - www.autosap.cz/en/

Fairs and Exhibitions
List of Fairs and Exhibitions - http://www.expo.cz/index.asp?l=2
Brno Trade Fairs and Exhibitions (BVV) - www.bvv.cz/homepage-gb

Trade Statistics of the Czech Republic with Egypt

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