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Legalization of Documents

Legalization services for documents to be used in the Czech Republic can be done at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Cairo.


1 - Superlegalization


makes documents suitable for use in the Czech Republic. To legalize a document, the competent authorities sign and stamp it. Several different steps are needed to complete the process.


What we legalize?

Documents that can be superlegalized include civil status documents, court orders, diplomas and any other document that is issued by Egyptian/ Sudanese entities only. We (super) legalize ORIGINALS ONLY and we do not accept copies or verified copies.

In case the document contains more than one separate page then it should be all connected together and sealed by Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or legalization stamp and signature should be applied on each separate page.

What steps need to be taken when legalizing documents?

Step 1 Competent authorities check

Competent authorities in Egypt checks that the document has been signed by the correct authority. This is usually the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After approval, a stamp or sticker is placed on the document. This shows the Czech authorities that the document has been issued by a competent authorities in Egypt.

Step 2 Get your document translated

Get your document translated from Arabic into Czech language. In case the document is issued in English language and will not be used for visa purpose then there is no need to be translated into Czech language.

Step 3 Make an appointment

Verification/ (super) legalizations requests are accepted only during following hours in the visa section building: Sunday 9:00 – 11:30 after a prior email request.

To make an APPOINTMENT send an email to the Consular Department of the Embassy: consulate_cairo@mzv.cz ONLY!    One e-mail - only one applicant.

The email must include information:

  1. “Superlegalization” in the subject of the email.
  2. Document name.
  3. Full Name and Surname of the applicant as shown in passport.

The Embassy will not respond to attempts, which do not follow the above-mentioned procedure.

The applicant will receive an appointment only if the e-mail contains all necessary requirements.

Appointment dates are final and unchangeable. Cancelled appointments cannot be replaced by other applicants. If the applicant cancels the appointment, a new appointment must be arranged via e-mail by the same procedure.

Step 4 Before you come

Before you approach the Consular Department, you have to fulfil the following documents:

  1. Please fill and print the below attached application.
  2. Copy of your passport (In case you do not have passport the request will not be accepted).
  3. The document that needs to be (super) legalized/verified.
  4. Fees.

Step 5 Collect your document

Verification/ (super) legalizations usually takes one week to be finalized. Example: In case you submitted your request on Sunday, next Sunday from 2pm until 3pm you can collect your document.


2 - Signature verification

If you require your signature to be legalized, you will have to come in person to our office, show your valid passport and sign in front of the legalization officer in working days upon prior appointment. 

This operation is performed only after prior order, at the address: consulate_cairo@mzv.cz   you have to mention your name and how many signatures you would like to legalize. Please follow step 4 Before you come.





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