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How to apply - Appointment reservation

Important caution!

The Embassy informs that in line with the declared state of emergency in the territory of the Czech Republic (Articles 5 and 6 of Constitutional Act No. 110/1998 Coll., On the Security of the Czech Republic) that came into force 14. 3. 2020, the Embassy suspends the reception of applications and issuing of all types of visas.

The measure includes Schengen visas, long-stay visas, long-term and permanent residence permits as well as concerns applications by family members of EU citizens. We would like to kindly inform that the procedure of all already lodged applications has been suspended. The visa fee is not to be reimbursed.

Until further notice all consular and visa related agendas including legalizations are suspended. 

Applications are to be submitted personally during an appointment, that has to be reserved in advance:

A / For short-term Schengen visas (i.e. for consecutive stay up to 90 days), reservations of appointments will be granted upon e-mail sent to schengen_cairo@mzv.cz. The e-mail must contain the applicant´s passport number in its SUBJECT, for instance “   A25868333    ”. No other text.

Every week there is a round of appointment requests that starts every Wednesday exactly at 15:00:00 of Egyptian time until full capacity for the following week is reached. In case the full capacity of free slots for the following week is reached, applicants are advised to try the following Wednesday at 15:00:00 of Egyptian time. All e-mail delivered before Wednesdays 15:00:00 will be deleted.

In case the applicant does not write the passport number in the subject of his/her e-mail, or, adds any other text, the email will be marked as spam and will be automatically discarded!

The e-mail must always include these mandatory attachments (separately as two attachments, no zipped archives nor files, please use txt, doc, jpg or pdf format); otherwise the reservation e-mail will be void and will be excluded from further processing:

(1) A filled questionnaire (see and download below the form);

(2) a copy of the data page (only) of the travel document in (NO OTHER PAGE!).

Please note the attachment must not exceed the total of 1 MB per e-mail, otherwise the request will be considered invalid and will be discarded!

The rule one applicant, one e-mail, applies. The only exception concerns minors under 15 years of age, who submit their applications together with their parent or other representative by Law, and, married couples. They have to be included in the parent´s/ husband´s or wife´s reservation e-mail, otherwise their visa applications will be rejected! However, in case more persons are included in one e-mail, they shall have separate questionnaires.

The appointment date for submitting an application will be confirmed by e-mail, usually on Sunday prior to the scheduled appointment days of Tuesdays or Wednesdays. It makes no sense to send us the same request once again. Double requests will be deleted.

The appointments are fixed and cannot be changed, neither by the applicant, nor by the Consular and Visa Section!

Family members of EU citizens and groups of applicants over 15 people will apply for an individual appointment at consulate_cairo@mzv.cz (they will send a normal e-mail asking for appointment, though the family link has to be specified).



B/ For long-term visas (i. e. visas for the consecutive stay over 90 days) and Employee Cards, a mandatory system of email requests via: visa_cairo@mzv.cz only is in place.

The rule one applicant, one e-mail, applies. The only exception concerns minors who submit their applications together with their parent or other representative by Law.

The e-mail must always include the following attachments:

(1) A filled questionnaire (see and download below the .docx format form);

(2) a scan of the data page of the travel document in pdf format;

(3) a scan of the document proving the purpose of the planned stay in pdf format (eg. a certificate of study -  marriage or birth certificate plus apl. no., visa or residency card of the principal - job contract - business license - depending on the purpose of the applicant´s stay).

Important notice: long-term appointment e-mail request that will not contain above-mentioned attachments or will contain the attachment in different than above-mentioned format or will contain attachments exceeding the total of 1 MB per e-mail, will be considered invalid!

The Embassy, upon receiving a valid request, confirms the appointment via e-mail. Appointments are granted exclusively according to the order of the incoming e-mails in the mailbox.

Do not send repetitive e-mail orders but wait till you receive the answer. E-mail orders are not processed immediatelly. Also do not send any inquiries or similar kind of correspondence to this e-mail. This e-mail box is just for long-term visa appointment orders. Thank you for your understanding and respecting it.

The long-term visa appointments are fixed and cannot be changed, neither by the applicant, nor by the Consular and Visa Section!

If the applicant eventually cancels an appointment, it is not possible to set a new one without receiving a new request.




Please note that the e-mail adresses schengen_cairo@mzv.cz and visa_cairo@mzv.cz  are not for visa related inquires! Such messages will be discarded immediatelly and the applicant will not receive any form of reply! The same provision applies to e-mails containing any other attachment then the ones requested, including e-mails of more then 1 MB in total.




The processing time for short term visa takes 15 days and 14 days for EU family members. In some cases can be prolongated up till 30, resp. 60 days.

The processing time for long term visa takes 60 days (study purposes in accredited programm), 90 - 120 days (other purposes).



The passports can be collected in person on Sundays through Thursdays from 2 pm till 3 pm.

Exceptionally a passport can be collected by an authorized person or via DHL/TNT- with no responsibility for eventual loss/damage on the Embassy side.


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