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Study Long-Term Visa to the Czech Republic

The process to apply for a “Student Visa” may seem overwhelming both for students and parents. Here we guide you through all the steps you need to take to take.

This is what you need before your other documents are ready:

1) Valid travel document (passport)

- expiry date of the passport must exceed at least by 3 months the duration of the validity of long term visa (which is given for 1 year)

- must have at least 2 blank pages (for the stamp and visa sticker)

- if you already know your passport will expire – make a new one before applying for a visa.

- In case you are foreigner living in Egypt and would like to apply then you have to submit copy of your Egyptian Residence Card – Type: Non-Touristic visa valid for minimum 3 months from the day of submission. This rule does not apply on Sudanese, Yemenis, and Palestinians (Gaza Strip).

 2) 2 recent passport size photos

3) Application form filled-out and signed Czech + English

- Biometric data (fingerprints) will be collected when you come in person with your application to the Embassy.

Documents that you must present:

4) Letter of Acceptance

- Is issued by the University in both English and Czech language. You will keep the English letter. You will present the original Czech Letter with your application.

5) Certificate of Accommodation

- If you requested accommodation at the University campus/dormitory – the University will issue, in your name, a Certificate of Accommodation in Czech language. You will present the original Certificate with your application.

- If you will stay in your own apartment / rented apartment - you need a Contract, with your name and signed by you, in Czech language. You will present the original Contract with your application.


6) Bank statements (to prove financial means)

- for the last 6 months

- verified by the bank (stamp and bank employee signature)

- In case you submit bank statement of one of your parents then you have to submit financial guarantee letter.

7) International Credit/Debit Card

- issued in the name of the student.

8) Criminal record extract of your country of origin

- You must present a criminal record extract of the country of citizenship and moreover ,the same document issued by the countries where you lived in the past 3 years for a consecutive period of 6 months or more, or an affidavit in case the country does not issue such a document. Criminal record is requested for all applicants older than 15 years old.

- The criminal record extract is issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Interior. The Criminal record extract must be translated to Czech language. We do not accept a document in Arabic, English, or any other language.

- Criminal record extract must be superlegalized from the Czech Embassy in Cairo before you apply for visa. (How to legalize a document in the Embassy)

* Before you write an email to get an appointment, make sure to have all required documents. Double-check! If anything is missing, we cannot accept your application.

  1. Make copies of all documents you are presenting (A4 size) except the visa application. You will present one folder with original documents and one folder with copies.
  2. Check how to make an appointment
  3. Come on time to your appointment. YOU are applying for a visa, so nobody can come in your place or talk in your place.
  4. The fee for a long-term visa for the purpose of study is 2500 CZK or approximately 1900 EGP (determined by the monthly exchange rate). The Embassy accepts payments in cash or credit card.

The decision for long term visa applications is taken by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. The processing time for the study long term visa may take up to 60 days.

Another useful information about the long term visa and purpose study can be find here.

Please do not write e-mails during the visa processing time. You can check the current status of your application here. 

The applicant will be informed immediately on the decision via email and /or phone by the Embassy.

The validity of the long term visa is for one year maximum. The visa holder must prolong the stay in the Czech Republic with the competent authorities, not at the Embassy.

If, in due time, you do not prolong the stay in the Czech Republic - and your visa expires - you will be required to repeat the entire application process!



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