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Questions and answers in relation to the coronavirus in the Czech Republic

The English Language website of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic provides the visitors planning a trip to the Czech Republic with the latest information on the coronavirus situation, incl. contacts, recommendations, current occurrence and extraordinary measures.

Web: https://www.mzcr.cz/Cizinci/obsah/coronavirus_2649_23.html

Nonstop hotline of the National Institute of Public Health: +420 724 810 106  and  +420 725 191 367

Current occurrence of the COVID-19 disease in the Czech Republic: https://www.mzcr.cz/Cizinci/dokumenty/current-occurrence-of-the-covid-19-disease-in-the-czech-republic_18651_2649_23.html

Questions and answers: https://www.mzcr.cz/Cizinci/dokumenty/questions-and-answers-in-relation-to-the-coronavirus-in-the-czech-republic_18649_2649_23.html