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Making an appointment for Schengen visa applicants is strictly possible only by mean of e-mail adress: schengen_cairo@mzv.cz. Please read CAREFULLY the information below and kindly follow them.

The e-mail must include following information about the APPLICANT:

1/ A filled questionnaire (see, download and fill in below the .docx format form);

2/ A scan of the data page of the travel document in pdf format


The applicant will not receive an appointment if the e-mail does not include the above mentioned items.

The applicant will receive an appointment only if the e-mail contains all necessary requirements.  

Applications are accepted and processed chronologically. The rule one applicant, one e-mail, applies. It is possible to ask for a slot for only one applicant by one e-mail, (the only exception are minors who follows his/her parent).  

Please be aware that the waiting period for an appointment might be between 2 - 3 weeks and the application shall be submitted no later than 15 days prior to the expected journey. We advice to send the application request at least 5 weeks prior to the journey.

If the e-mail box receives more than 100 appointment requests in two weeks, an automatic answer will be send that a new request is required to be send by the upcoming Wednesdays.   

Appointment dates are final and unchangeable. Cancelled appointments can not be replaced by other applicants. If the applicant cancels the appointment, a new appointment must be arranged via an e-mail by the same procedure. If the applicant does not turn up according the appointment day and time, the appointment is cancelled and a new appointment must be arranged via an e-mail by the same procedure.

Important notice: Schengen visa appointment e-mail requests that will not contain above-mentioned attachments or will contain the attachment in different than above-mentioned format or will contain attachments exceeding the total of 1 MB per e-mail, will be considered invalid! Only pdf format (passport data page) and docx format (questionnaire) is accepted!

The Embassy, upon receiving a valid request, confirms the appointment via e-mail. Appointments are granted exclusively according to the order of the incoming e-mails in the mailbox. The appointment date for submitting an application will be confirmed by e-mail. Do not send repetitive e-mail orders but wait till you receive the answer. E-mail orders are not processed immediately.

! Group appointments: group appointments are determined for organized travellers such as tourists with travel agency or athletes with a sport club or a national team. The group has to contain a minimum of 10 travellers and maximum of 30 travellers. One e-mail with a table in pdf format has to be sent into the e-mail box schengen_cairo@mzv.cz with the name, passport number and expected date of the expected journey. Usually Thursdays are set for these group appointments. 

You can read more information about the documentation for Schengen visas on a separate link.



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