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Lidice - Promítání filmu

Kdy: 18.06.2017 18:00 - 22:00, Kde: Beseda Club, 18 Shropshire Street, Queanbeyan, NSW

On the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Lidice Massacre the Embassy of the Czech Republic, the Embassy of the Slovak Republic and Beseda Association invite you to a private screening of the movie Lidice.

About Lidice's history:

The Lidice massacre was a complete destruction of the village of Lidice, in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, now in the Czech Republic, in June 1942 on orders from Adolf Hitler and Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler. In reprisal for the assassination of Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich in the late spring of 1942, all 173 men over 15 years of age from the village were executed on 10 June 1942. Another 11 men who were not in the village were arrested and executed soon afterwards, along with several others already under arrest. The 184 women and 88 children were deported to concentration camps; a few children considered racially suitable for Germanisation were handed over to SS families and the rest were sent to the Chełmno extermination camp where they were gassed to death.

The village was set on fire and the remains of the buildings destroyed with explosives. All the animals in the village—pets and beasts of burden—were slaughtered as well. Even those buried in the town cemetery were not spared; their remains were dug up, looted for gold fillings, jewellery and destroyed. A 100-strong German work party was then sent in to remove all visible remains of the village, re-route the stream running through it and the roads in and out. They then covered the entire area the village had occupied with topsoil and planted crops. 

About 340 people from Lidice died because of the nazi reprisal (192 men, 60 women and 88 children) and after the war ended, only 153 women and 17 children returned. lidice was rebuilt and became a symbol of victory of humanity above brutality.

Source: Wikipedia


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