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Czech Citizenship

The Embassy can make only a preliminary assessment in the matter of citizenship based on the Czech law applicable at the time of your birth as the whole topic is rather complex. However, the main indicators for identification of citizenship are the date and place of birth of the applicant and citizenship of his/her parents on the day when he/she was born.
All documentation is sent to the relevant municipal authority in the Czech Republic where an investigation is initiated. The process lasts for a couple of months and the final decision is to be made according to various laws in force at different times.

If the citizenship inquiry establishes that the applicant is a Czech citizen, the respective regional authority issues a citizenship certificate.

When establishing whether a person is or is not a Czech (Czechoslovakian) citizen, laws and regulations applicable at the time of acquiring or loosing the citizenship are followed. Most commonly, citizenship is gained at birth. That means that most often, laws applicable at the time of birth are followed.

Persons interested in filing a citizenship inquiry can contact the Consular Section of the Embassy at (+61) 2 6290 1386 to schedule an appointment.

The following documents should generally be brought to the appointment:

a) any document attesting to the Czech (Czechoslovakian) citizenship of the applicant or of his/her parent/s - old passport, old citizenship certificate, domiciliary certificate, etc.;
b) birth certificate;
c) birth certificates of the parent/s;
d) marriage certificate;
e) marriage certificate of the parent/s;
f) death certificate (if the application is filed in stead of a deceased person);
g) proof of change of name (if such a change took place and the applicant or his parent/s are known in the Czech Republic under the original);
h) identification document

All public documents issued outside of the Czech Republic must be legalized, as applicable. Public documents issued in Australia must have an Apostille. All public documents in a foreign language must be officially translated into Czech.

Prior to your appointment, we suggest you fill out a form containing basic personal data necessary for the citizenship inquiry. Request a form either by phone or by e-mailing consular_canberra@mzv.cz. The form can also be filled out at the time of the appointment, however, prior preparation expedites the process. A consular officer will help you fill out the official request form.