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Proof of citizenship

Information for citizens who do not have a valid citizenship document, e.g. if their passport or national ID card has expired or has never been issued (e.g. for newborn children).

If you do not have valid proof of Czech citizenship and you want to apply for a passport, you can submit an "Application for Establishment of Czech Citizenship and Issuance of a Certificate of Czech Citizenship" at our embassy. The application must be submitted in person; processing by post is not possible. The certificate is issued by the competent authorities in the Czech Republic and sent back to our office for delivery to the applicant. The processing takes several (usually about 6) weeks.

According to the current interpretation of the Ministry of the Interior, the validity of the certificate is only 12 months from the date of issue. If you will be applying for a passport with the certificate you have received, please do so as soon as possible after the certificate has been issued.

The certificate is issued at the request of a natural person over 15 years of age whose nationality is in question. A child under the age of 15 may apply for a certificate from his/her legal guardians or guardian, who must attach a final court decision on his/her appointment to the application. Citizens over 15 years of age fill in the relevant citizenship forms themselves (i.e. their parents or legal guardians do not fill them in for them).


The following forms must be completed (downloadable at the bottom of this page):

1. Application to establish citizenship and to issue a certificate of citizenship of the Czech Republic

2. Questionnaire to establish Czech citizenship

3. Consent to the processing of personal data


In addition to the above documents, the application for a certificate must be accompanied by documents relating to the citizenship of the natural person whose citizenship is in question, namely:

    birth certificate, marriage certificate, if married, proof of the formation of the partnership, if entered into a partnership, if applicable, proof of divorce, proof of dissolution of the partnership, death certificate of the deceased spouse or partner,
    proof of the date and manner of acquisition of foreign nationality,
    the birth certificates of the parents, their marriage certificate if they were married or, where applicable, proof of divorce, their death certificates if they have died, if the applicant has these documents available,
    previously issued proofs of her nationality and of the nationality of her parents and, where applicable, of other ancestors, if the applicant has these documents,
    proof of adoption, if the person whose certificate is sought was adopted by a citizen of the Czech Republic.

At the request of the regional office, the applicant shall also submit other documents if their submission is essential for establishing the citizenship of the natural person concerned.

Documents issued by the authorities of a foreign state, which the declarant attaches to the application for a certificate, must be accompanied by an official translation into the Czech language, with the exception of documents issued in the Slovak language, and the necessary verifications, unless otherwise provided for in an international treaty by which the Czech Republic is bound.

The fee shall be paid in cash upon personal submission in accordance with the current Fee Schedule.

Completing the forms before arriving at the embassy will reduce the processing time of the application. Thank you.



For organisational reasons, all applications are only accepted during pre-arranged appointments. Please send us an email so that we can contact you. E-mail: consular_canberra@mzv.cz

Thank you for your understanding.


Questionnaire to establish citizenship 189 KB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Mar 28, 2023

Application to establish citizenship 180 KB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Mar 28, 2023

GDPR 39 KB DOC (Word document) Mar 28, 2023