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Photo: M.Vágner
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Australian Healthcare is interested in Czech products and telemedicine

Czech companies in the healthcare sector have great chances to continue expanding into the Australian market. As confirmed by the August mission of medical equipment manufacturers and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Australia, the country is interested not only in the equipment itself, but also in investments or experience with telemedicine.

The mission, which took place in mid-August this year, was led by the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices (AVDZP), represented by its Vice President for Exports, Peter Foit, and the Director of the Department of Economic Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Marek Svoboda. The meetings, which took place in Sydney and Canberra, were held within the framework of the Economic Diplomacy Project (PROPED) prepared by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Canberra.

The aim of the project was to promote export and investment opportunities for Czech companies on the Australian market and to discuss the possibilities of expanding the economic diplomacy network in Australia. In this context, meetings were held with local authorities, associations and major companies in the sector. During discussions with local public and private partners, interest was expressed in strengthening cooperation in the sector of production and supply of medical devices and equipment. Recognising the heavy reliance on imports, Australian partners are also paying close attention to starting their own production and encouraging foreign investment in the sector.

Investment opportunities in the sector were assessed in a meeting with the government agency Austrade Canberra. During a meeting with one of Australia's largest healthcare service providers further cooperation in Europe and in Australia was discussed, too.


A meeting with the leadership of the Medical Technology Association of Australia in Sydney resulted in very productive discussions about future cooperation with the Czech AVDZP. The Vice President of the Czech Association informed about the interest of Czech companies not only to import but also to produce medical devices with higher added value directly in Australia, which has, among other things, an ecological impact with regard to a longer life cycle of higher quality production. There was also a mutual interest in cooperation in telemedicine (digital healthcare).

During the talks, Petr Foit, who is also the commercial director of Linet Group, informed about the signing of an acquisition agreement for the takeover of the local company Pegasus Health Group, which is a major player in the market for the provision of medical services.


Medical devices and technology are a traditional Czech export commodity with high added value. The interest of Czech companies in expanding into the Australian market has been supported in particular by negotiations between associations of medical technology manufacturers from both countries and with private companies.  Medical products are among the most promising sectors of Czech exports to Australia. Czech economic diplomacy will pay increased attention to this sector, given the interest of Czech companies not only to export but also to invest in production. Further meetings are planned for October, including in the field of telemedicine. A delegation from the National Telemedicine Centre at the Olomouc University Hospital will come to Australia.

Milan Vágner, Economic Diplomat, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Canberra