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The Czech Republic sends aid to a bush-fire devastated Australia

Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic decided to provide humanitarian aid to Australia to ease the impact of the destructive fires in the state of Victoria.

On the recommendation of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, a total of 2 million CZK (approx. 128 000 AUD) of aid will go towards local emergency and rescue services in affected areas. What the funds will be used for specifically, will be negotiated by our Embassy in Canberra The Embass is also continuously following the needs of Czech citizens.

We remain in contact with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade regarding potentially providing further assistance, e.g. in the form of sending experts to aid in the restoration of local fauna – which was offered by Prague ZOO.

The Czech Republic is also coordinating its aid closely with the European Commission and member states of the EU. Together we are assisting Australia in the mapping burning areas as well as with supporting those who lost their homes as a result of the fires. Going forward we will also be supporting the more long-term restoration of nature and the landscape, as well as measures preventing such a vast catastrophe from repeating.