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The Embassy of the Czech Republic helps Prague Zoo with a new exhibit


On the 14th and 15th of March 2019, the head of mission at the Embassy of the Czech Republic took a short business trip to Tasmania to support Prague Zoo, specifically by helping procure ‘Tasmanian Devils’ for their new exhibit. more ►

Czech Ambassador became non- resident ambassador to Kingdom of Tonga


Ambassador Tomáš Dub made a trip to the Kingdom of Tonga in order to hand over his Letters of Credence and assume his function as non-resident ambassador. During his trip, he met with many of the significant officials from the country. As part… more ►

20th Anniversary of the UNESCO World Poetry Day.

The 21st of March has been set aside as World Poetry Day since 1999, aiming to promote the reading and writing of poetry across the globe. more ►

MFA Statement on the 5th Anniversary of the Illegal Annexation of Crimea


Five years ago by annexing Crimea Russia committed a flagrant breach of international law. The Czech Republic as well as the European Union and the overwhelming majority of countries continue to consider the Crimean peninsula as a part of… more ►

20th Anniversary of the Accession of the Czech Republic into NATO


The Czech Republic will be remembering many symbolic anniversaries throughout 2019. Out of all of these, the 20th Anniversary of the accession of the Czech Republic into NATO will be one of the most significant. more ►

Opening Ceremony of the Škoda and Tatra Museum in Oberon


On Saturday 2nd March 2019, Mr. Ondřej Boháč, Deputy Head of Mission, officially opened the ŠKODA and TATRA Museum in Oberon, NSW. more ►

Czech Companies at International AirShow Avalon


On Thursday 28 of February 2019 Ambassador Tomáš Dub ceremonially presented Czech companies as part of the Australian International Airshow in Avalon, Geelong. The eye-catching, czech-made aircraft, the L-39 Albatros, was amongst the machines… more ►