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About Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in the very heart of Europe and counts among Europe’s TOP travel destinations. In 2019 almost 620 000 Chinese tourists visited the country compared to 150 000 in 2012. Such an increase proves the heritage of the Czech Republic gets more and more popular among Chinese tourists.

There are not only castles and palaces such as the Prague Castle (the largest coherent castle complex in the world), the Karlštejn Castle, or the palaces in Český Krumlov and Hluboká that make the Czech Republic unique, but also the not-so-well-known treasures such as the oldest Glass Making School in the world (since 1856 in Kamenický Šenov), the oldest university in Central Europe (Charles University), the biggest sandstone bridge in Europe („Pravčická brána“) and numerous other natural and cultural wonders or breweries and wineries that make the country remarkable and a bucket list destination for many.

The Czech Republic’s rich history, social life, and many cultural events throughout the year make the small nation the ideal travel destination also easily reachable by the direct flight between Chengdu and Prague operated by Sichuan Airlines.

For further tourist information please refer to the official websites of the Czech Republichttp://www.czech.cz or http://www.czechtourism.com. You can also consult some of the travel guide websites, such as http://www.discoverczech.com.