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Honorary Consulates in our jurisdiction

Activity of Honorary Consulates:

  1. Assistance to the Czech citizens in distress
  2. Issuing Emergency passports in cooperation with the Consulate General in Chicago
  3. Informing citizens about the website of the Consulate General in Chicago
  4. Legalization (verification of signatures, copy of documents)
  5. Presentation of the Czech Republic
  6. Personal or telephone consultations
  7. Supporting of Czech – American actions in jurisdiction of Honorary Consulate


Honorary Consulate Kansas City

Honorary Consul: Sharon Kay Valasek

Address: 503 West 115th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64114 USA
Tel: +1 816-942-2794, Mobile: +1 816-213-5847
E-mail: kansascity@honorary.mzv.cz
Consular district: Kansas and Missouri
Hours of operation: upon appointment


Honorary Consulate Minneapolis

Honorary Consul: Marit Lee Kucera

Address: 385 Michigan Street, Saint Paul, MN  55102 USA
Tel: +1 651-238-0447
E-mail: minneapolis@honorary.mzv.cz
Consular district: Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota
Hours of operation: upon appointment


Honorary Consulate Lincoln

Honorary Consul: Miluše Šašková-Pierce

Address: 6701 Everett Street, Lincoln, NE 68506 USA
Tel: +1 402-770-4624
E-mail: lincoln@honorary.mzv.cz
Consular district:  Nebraska
Hours of operation: upon appointment







Dr. Míla Šašková – Pierce is our new Honorary Consul in Nebraska


No other state in the United States has a higher percentage of Czech-Americans than Nebraska. Czechs started to arrive to Nebraska in the second half of the 19th century. I as well as all other visitors in Nebraska from the Czech Republic that I… more ►