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Photo: cineeuropa.org
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The Vasulka Effect

Between March 5th and April 1st the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago will virtually present a Czech-Icelandic documentary called "The Vašulka Effect" directed by H. Gunnarsdottir (2020) as a part of the Film Center from Your Sofa.

A native of Brno, Woody Vašulka, together with the painter František Kupka, stood at the birth of a new artistic field called videoart.

 He met his Icelandic wife, Steina in communist Czechoslovakia, where Bohuslav Vašulka studied the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and she studied there too, she studied the violin. Since the late 1960s they had lived and worked in New York.

Although they are often called the "YouTube generation" grandparents, they end up almost forgotten by the art world. Only in recent years they have been discovered by art collectors and major world museums.


The Gene Siskel Film Center has been cooperating with the Consulate General of the Czech Republic  in Chicago for many years now. They are promoting Czech cinema as well as  organizing the Czech That Film and the EU Film Festival festivals. Link and more information