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Restrictions of Visa Section operations

In response to a global outbreak of respiratory disease (COVID-19) caused by a novel coronavirus, the Czech Government also adopted measures that are impacting Czech embassies and consulates abroad, effective March 14, 2020.

At the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Chicago, the Visa Section is closed to walk-in visitors without a prior appointment.

The Visa Section can currently accept (ONLY) the following visa applications:

  • Schengen visa
    • for family members of Czech/EU citizens or
    • for diplomatic passport holders
  • Czech (national) long term-visas and long-term residence permits:
    • for applicants pre-approved
      • under the Key Scientific Personnel Scheme (KVP),
      • under the High Qualifications Personnel Scheme (VKZ), or
      • under the Qualified Personnel Scheme (KZ)
    • for the purpose of sports
    • for the purpose of culture
    • for the purpose of studies, provided the Czech school and the course(s) taken hold a valid accreditation of the Czech Ministry of the Ecudation
    • for the purpose of scientific research, including applications by accompanying family members (spouse and minors below 18 only) of scientific researchers
    • for spouses and minors below 18 (purpose of family reunification) ONLY if the principal applicant had already been issued a Czech long-term/permanent residence permit
    • for applicants whose last Czech residence card ("povolení pobytu", NOT a visa) expired

All unsolicited new requests for appointments will be disregarded.

Excepting the applications above, no other submissions can be filed at the Visa Section of the Consulate General until further notice (in person or by mail).

Obligatory submission of document against introduction of infectious disease upon application submission:

Applicants for Schengen visas and long-term visas and residence permits for purposes of economic and education activities are obliged to submit, upon lodging the application, or at the latest prior to marking the visa into the travel document, document on fulfilling requirements against introduction of infectious disease.

The document is required when lodging the following applications:

 Schengen visa for the purpose of study

● Schengen visa for the purpose of employment

● Schengen visa for the purpose of seasonal employment

 Schengen visa for the purpose of entrepreneurship

● Employee Card

● Blue Card

● Intra-Company Employee Transfer Card

● Long-term visa for the purpose of seasonal employment

● Long-term visa for the purpose of entrepreneurship

● Long-term visa for the purpose of study

● Long-term residence permit for the purpose of study

Confirmation of receiving entity (DOCX, 140 KB) is to be issued by the receiving entity in the Czech Republic, i.e. employer or school (university).

The requirement is anchored in point I.5 of the Protective Measure of the Ministry of Health from October 2, 2020, and § 31.3.b) of the Act on Stay of Foreign Nationals.

A schedule is being prepared for resumption of operations of Visa Sections at Czech embassies and consulates abroad. Please follow the website of our Consulate General and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for updates.