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Consulate General of the Czech Republic

205 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1680

Chicago IL 606 01


Monika Boksova

T: +1 312 861 1037 ext. 105

Email: Monika_Boskova@mzv.cz


Martina East

T: +1 312 861 1037 ext. 100

Email: Martina_East@mzv.cz


CzechTrade Chicago

205 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1660

Chicago IL 606 01


Lubos Matejka

T: +1 312 612 5896

Email: lubos.matejka@czechtrade.cz


Marketa Sebelova

T: +1 312 612 5894

Email: marketa.sebelova@czechtrade.cz



This National Trade Promotion Agency provides services in relation to entering a foreign market (how specific market operates), assistance in the search for new costumers and suplementary marketing services.

Director of the Chicago office




"Doing business" in the Czech Republic


The server www.doingbusiness.cz  is designed for foreign entities interested in information about Czech enterprises or trade with them. The server regularly publishes specialized information on trade opportunities with the Czech Republic in different regions and industrial sectors, and also news. An important part is formed by the company contacts listed in a directory of exporters.

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic