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COVID-19: Traveling to the Czech Republic during the pandemic

With effect from 1 July 2020, the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic updated the rules for entry into the territory of the Czech Republic. The rules for entering the territory of the Czech Republic and quarantine measures are defined by the Ministry of Health.

Specific categories of foreign travelers are allowed to enter the Czech Republic under the circumstances mentioned in the Health Protective Measure of the Ministry of health. Travelers will be obliged to submit a PCR testing result certificate from a test on the territory of the Czech Republic to the Regional Hygienic Authorities within 72 hours after entering the Czech Republic, if they stayed in the past 14 days longer than 12 hours in the red zone country, including the United States of America. 

US passport holders without residency permit in the Czech Republic currently fall within the category C-4 and can travel to the Czech Republic only in exceptional cases specified in the table. At the same time, the conditions set out in columns 2 and 3 of the table must be fulfilled.

Conditions for entry of persons to the territory of the Czech Republic (valid from July 1st, 2020 00:00) in accordance with the Ministry of Health Protective Measure

Generally, all persons traveling to the Czech Republic from the US are obliged to contact a respective regional hygiene station by telephone or other remote access after the entry and to undergo a PCR test at their own expense.

In spite of the travel restrictions, US passport holders are not required to obtain visas to enter the Czech Republic for a short-term non-profit stay (up to 90 days in any 180-day period).


1. Updated information on existing rules for entering the territory of the Czech Republic is available on the website of the Ministry of Interior (homepage, English version)


For specific questions contact the Ministry of Interior Contact Center by e-mail (written in Czech or in English):


 The Consulate General of the Czech Republic is not in charge of border controls.

 2. Public Health Measures, Quarantine/PCR Test Regime, Restriction of Free movement, Epidemic Situation

Contacts for all Regional Hygienic Authorities are listed at https://koronavirus.mzcr.cz/en/important-phone-numbers/.

Important: There is an obligatory notification after arrival to the country.

The complete and up-to-date overview of all measures in place on the website of the Czech Government.


The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic keeps foreigners residing in our country updated on the situation related to COVID-19 through the English version of its website. The Ministry's information portal covers the official hygienic measures, recommendations for public and Q&A in relation to the novel coronavirus in the Czech Republic.


COVID-19 Tests (RT-PCR)

Map of Czech towns with public COVID-19 testing centers (in Czech language only) is listed on the Ministry of Health website. Blue marked centers are open to everyone on commercial basis. The red ones only for public with health insurance coverage for the testing. Some of them provide Rapid Tests only.





PROTECTIVE MEASURE OF THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH OF THE... 246 KB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Jul 2, 2020