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Only essential travel to the Czech Republic is allowed.

As a result of the critical epidemiological situation, the Government Resolution No. 1334 on the adoption of a crisis measure restricting the free movement of persons throughout the Czech Republic will be in force in the Czech Republic starting December 18, 2020.

Travel to the Czech Republic is limited to strictly necessary cases.

It is not possible to travel for leisure or visiting friends. Restrictions also include, for example, the closure of hotels and accommodation facilities (for tourist purposes), stays in public places limited to maximum of six people, night outings from 11:00PM to 4:59AM are not allowed, etc.

This decision does not restrict the travel of commuters in any new way.

Travelers who come to the Czech Republic in absolutely necessary cases are reminded of the obligation to strictly observe the quarantine measures, consisting of completing the arrival form before the trip and passing the covid-19 test after arriving to the Czech Republic (or just before the arriving, if tested in the EU countries).

Restrictions on the free movement of persons in the Czech Republic will be in effect from December 18, 2020.