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CZ Companies offering products


Dýhy Večeřa

Dýhy Večeřa a spol., s.r.o.

Production - Veneers and matched veneers

Dýhy Večeřa a spol., s r.o. provides services related to processing of veneers - production of matched veneers. The company has been supplying their products and services in the Czech and foreign market for many years and still makes efforts to improve their quality. The company strives to maintain high quality of their work and to use modern technologies and thus to make a major breakthrough in developed markets. The company has been investing in new production facilities, which contributes to these achievements. An important part of the company´s production is also qualified work performed during production of complex matched veneers - the frame and inlayed ones. Here, a top-class carving laser is used, for example. The company´s good reputation is especially based on quality of their work, delivery terms and customer satisfaction. The company offers their activities and products to both minor and big customers. We dispose of machinery for processing of veneer that is 0.55 - 3 mm thick. The material composition processed includes various kinds of wood; the company especially focuses on American wood in their warehouse stock. However, we also process European and exotic kinds of wood. We produce a wide range of matched veneers; panel ones, matched veneers for furniture parts, full door veneers and frame carved ones, matched veneers for bedroom sets, and atypical matched veneers.

Production – Vespera® seating furniture www.vespera.cz/en

Under the Vespera®  brand, the company also produces upholstered top-class furniture. The company facilities allow us to pay a lot of attention to the production - from the first sketches in our own development workshop to a perfectly crafted product. Philosophy of theVespera® brand is based on the fact that due to the architect, the products are highly adaptable to customer requirements. Of course, we also deliver atypical upholstered products, flat interior elements, hotel interior elements, etc. 

Dýhy Večeřa a spol., s.r.o. is engaged as:

  • A member of the Czech Chamber of Commerce
  • A member of the Association of Czech Furniture Producers
  • A member of the Guild of Upholsterers and Decorators
  • A member of the Czech Deco Team

Contact person: Robert Hybský – Executive director, e-mail: r.hybsky@dyhyvecera.cz

Website: www.dyhyvecera.cz/en



CTP Invest, spol. s r.o.

CTP, based in the Netherlands is an award winning full service property developer and asset manager investing in central Europe since 1998. We own and operate a balanced portfolio of A-class office developments and full service business parks with a total letable area of almost 2mio sqm, 200 buildings with 400 tenants, CTP Czech Republic currently employs more than 125 people.

First class business properties, CTP owns and operates the CTPark Network. CTPark Network is the largest integrated system of premium business parks in central Europe. A CTPark offers different property types for rent to multinationals and local companies active in light manufacturing, design centre, high-tech, R&D activities or manufacturing, assembly, repair and logistics, distribution services.   

CTP also develops office parks in university cities, Spielberk Office Centre in the business district of Brno is CTP´s flagship development with more than 90 000sqm of A-class office space.

General contractor. CTP acts as a general contractor with an in-house team, project management, able to do custom built developments, currently 200 000sqm under construction. Building the future taking into account long-term quality, sustainability, efficiency, respecting the environment.

As owners we maintain a team of professionals responsible for property management and maintenance. CTP is privately owned, portfolios are co-financed by long-term banking partners. Our clients include companies like Honeywell, ABB, Andrew, Monster, AVG and many others. For more information please visit www.ctp.eu.

Contact person: Ivana Škodová – Office Manager, e-mail: ivana.skodova@ctp.eu

Website: www.ctp.eu


IT Logica s.r.o. (Development of web applications / Vývoj webových aplikací)

IT Logica is software development Company, which acts as a comprehensive provider of unique software solutions, web applications and online marketing campaigns. We provide full service online projects delivery starting with pre-implementation analysis, including administrative support, participation on content preparation and long-term service agreement.

Our main products are tailor made web based applications, comprehensive Helpdesk system and Mailing system with integrated CRM system. Both applications are used by leading Czech web stores and online sellers.

The added value of IT Logica is understanding and identification with the managerial and marketing perspective. We strive to see all projects in wider context and understand the principles of client needs. The main target of all our activities is to create measurable contribution for the client.

Seven basic IT Logica company values are reliability, consistency, utility, inventiveness, measurability, respect and satisfaction.

IT Logica is a dynamically developing company backed by a team of experts in their profession. Team of IT Logica consists of 15 members and 7 external permanent partners. Clients can expect professional project management system thanks to implementation of TQM standards in cooperation with the Masaryk University.

Contact person: Jakub Hemerka - Sales Director, jakub.hemerka@it-logica.cz, +420 733 690 137

Website: http://www.it-logica.cz/



INVEA-TECH a.s.    (ICT- network monitoring & security / IT)

INVEA-TECH is an international vendor of networking and security solutions specialized in flow monitoring (NetFlow/IPFIX), network behavior analysis - NBA, FPGA accelerated applications and cybercrime solutions for IP Data Retention & IP Lawful Interception. Our focus is on delivering high performance solutions with the best price/performance ratio on the market.

INVEA-TECH is the leader in the flow monitoring & NBA market which is considered by Gartner as the next generation network security trend complementing and enhancing legacy security products such as firewall and IDS/IPS.

Via our flagship product FlowMon, our partners are able to address and exploit the growing flow monitoring and NBA (Network Behavior Analysis) markets, sell into new opportunities within current customer base (to all customers with 50 or more computers in the network), expand their addressable customers and improve their revenues.

Our success has enabled us to establish a strong market position in Europe with 500+ references such as AVG, Ministry of Defense, T-Mobile, UPC, Aegon, monitoring of Czech internet for the Ministry of Interior and more. We have channel partners and customers in Canada, UK, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Japan, South Korea and are looking for qualified partners (VARs/VADs) worldwide.

Contact person: Michal Bohatka - Channel Account Manager, e-mail: bohatka@invea-tech.com, +420 604 366 171

Website: www.invea-tech.com



CheMont Engineering SE  (Capital construction projects / Realizace invest. celků)

The company CheMont Engineering SE is a modern European company, its business activities are based on the traditions and references of the subsidiary company VA HOLDING, a.s., trade mark „CheMont“, but above all on the professionalism of its staff.

CheMont Engineering is dealing with the execution of capital construction projects, first of all in the sphere of power engineering, chemistry, petrochemical industry and environment.  It is in a tight cooperation with research institutes and universities.  Quality of its work is accented by the Quality Management System according to the standard STN EN ISO 9001:2008 issued by company EURO CERT SK.

The company can offer:

·       Complex activities of the general contractor of capital construction projects

·       Financial analyses of the economics and effectiveness of the investment plans for investors as the base for negotiations with banks and financial institutions

·       Purchase and sale marketing

·       Procurement of deliveries of materials and equipment for capital construction projects, both domestics and  foreign, as per the client’s individual needs including completion, customs clearance and expediting

·       Technical assistance in the individual stages of the investment proces

Contact person: Ms Jana Gzelova, +420 543 235 294, E-mail: office@chemonteng.eu

Website: http://www.chemonteng.eu/index2en.html



GF Machinery s.r.o.

We are in the business of R&D, manufacturing of textile machinery used mainly for production of fiberglass and fabric and other machines per customer’s request. The company was continuing in program of former state enterprise Elitex which was established in 1961 as a part of the textile engineering concern Elitex. The headquarters is located in Brno, Czech Republic.

Our present program is:

A) Services

• R&D, producing and assembly of the machines according to the customer requests

  Solidworks 3D modeling and design, software

B) Machines for fiberglass industry

·       Assembled Roving lines  (Creels with digital weighing, Driers, Winders, Automatic tension system,…)

·       Choppers for glass yarn indirect or direct chopping

·       Finishing equipment: Dryers, Creels, Printing lines, Winding, Unwinding Unit

·       Automatic handling with material

·       Camera Scanning system for mesh density and quality checking

·       Upgrading and modernization of textile machines and equipment

C) Machines for automotive industry

·       Special lines per customer request (Headliner production line, Coating hotmelt line,…)

Contact person: Jan Janota - VP Sales & Marketing, e-mail: janota@gfm.cz

Website: www.gfm.cz

GF Machinery s.r.o. branch for North America:

Bynamics Corp. - Mr. Ivan Filippov,

5250 Crescent Drive

Vancouver, BC, VYK 2C9, CANADA

tel.: +1 604 940 1115, fax:  +1 604 940 1116

Email: filippov@dccnet.com


SV Technics

SV Technics

SV Technics s.r.o.

The company’s expertise is in the field of pressure measurement, mainly in the area of heating and cooling systems.

Main program of the company in this area is production of devices for balancing of heating and cooling systems.

The company has further expanded into the heat and power engineering field, namely the collection and analysis of energetics data. Our core products in this branch are M-Bus hardware transducers and software for M-Bus interface.

Contact person: Grad. Eng. Pavel Kysa - Sales manager, Phone +420 511 115 378

Website: http://svtech.cz/index.php/en/




SAAB Czech Training and Simulation Division, Slavkov u Brna, Czech

Today’s peace keeping and irregular warfare missions are becoming increasingly complex. The spectrum of hazards and threats vary widely depending on the environment, mission type and intensity of conflict.

In such a vibrant and dynamic environment everyone needs to be well prepared and have access to a continuous training capability at all levels. All individuals need to become familiar with their equipment; develop the required skills – individually and in groups, train in a mission like environment, prepare for collaborative tasks together with foreign troops and plan and execute operations in a simulated environment. This requires a training solution that is flexible enough to be able to meet the rapidly changing needs and Saab’s training expertise and experience comes from more than seventy years of close customer partnerships in combination with research and development. By combining the knowledge gained from developing defense solutions with the expertise in virtual simulation and training in SAAB Czech we can provide solutions that provide the high quality training that is a prerequisite for mission success and saving lives. Virtual reality is composed of terrain database, visualization system – Image generator, virtual entities and sound system. Training environment  represent projection system, Instructor operation station, weapon replicas, simulated military equipment and cockpit or cabin replicas placed on motion base. Core assets of SAAB Czech, Training and Simulation division come from the acquisition of the former E-COM  company in 2011.

Contact person: Marian Petko, Head of Division, mail: marian.petko@saabczech.cz




FONTANA R, s.r.o.

Established in 1993, Fontana R was founded on the experience of its partners in the Water and Wastewater Management industry. We are a Czech company with no foreign capital, with skilled Czech technicians and factory personnel. We are constantly expanding our product lines. Currently, it comprises of almost thirty types of equipment for various functions in Wastewater treatment plants. They are: Fine and Coarse Screens; Screw Conveyors for screenings and dewatered sludge; presses for screenings;  separators and grit washers; gravel and grit removal; grit traps; skimmed cylinder strainers; flood gates; check gates; stop logs; integrated coarse pre-treatment; sewage disinfection;  and microscreen filters. These are made of Stainless Steel and Corrosion resistant materials.

Fontana R has produced over 5500 products. These products are in operation in the Czech republic, as well as in the United States, Holland, China, Russia, Polland, Lativa, Lithuania and others countries throughout the world. 

Contact person: Rostislav Krejčí – Sales manager, tel/fax: (+420) 545 175 851, e-mail: fontanar@fontanar.cz

Website: http://www.fontanar.cz/en/

US Market

Randazza Enterprises, Inc. ; 8824 Van Fleet Road; Riverview, Florida 33578 
813-677-0041; Cell: (813) 310-7030; www.randazzawastewater.com 




Contact person: Ondrej Kinkor – Manager, Corporate finance and investments, e-mail: kinkor.ondrej@psj.cz

Website: www.psj.cz/en



Kurzor, s.r.o. (web development and usability)

Kurzor is a small development company. Our main services are PHP and Ruby on Rails development combined with UI design. We provide websites, web application and e-commerce solutions. Naturally, every project is first understood by a business analyst, then designed by user interaction expert and finally developed by our competent team of programmers.

Our competitive advantages are:

1. High level craftsmanship. You can benefit from 10+ years of experience of our senior developers, several of them are in progress with their PhD. We use top talents from local technical universities to meet your demands.

2. Your time is valuable. Deadlines are untouchable, our project management guarantees that your project will be delivered on time.

3. Goal oriented. You don´t get any marketing fluff, buzzwords, impractical grandiose ideas. Just pure hard work and great usability of any interface.

4. Change management. Your solution will be flexible and ready to adapt to possible changes in project during its progress.

After completing development, project is thoroughly documented and serviced through its lifespan.

Contact person: Petr Gogolín – co-owner, peter@kurzor.net, Tel.: +420 776 346 943

Website: http://www.kurzor.net/english


Anticut Gloves

The MIRO ANTI-CUT company was founded in 1990. The headquarters and production facilities of the company are located in the center of the Czech Republic. Since 1990 we are producing all types of anti-cut knitted gloves and we are one of the leaders in knitted gloves industry in Europe. Our customers are mainly companies in Automotive and Food Industry, and also manufacturers in a light and heavy industry.

In 2005 we presented new type of gloves with non-slip dots based on a research of new specialized yarns. Cooperation with DuPont resulted in the development of new gloves made from Kevlar®. AntiCut Sharpking® gloves were placed on the market following year. In 2012 we introduced new knitted gloves with sewn-in leather. Same year our research team developed  a super-resistant yarn and we were able to manufacture the gloves under the Panzerhand® brand. This year we are presenting specialized dipped gloves (PU, latex, nitrile, etc.)In the future years we will continue to further develop the range of gloves offered to our costumers.

 What you can expect from us:

 - High European quality of the products without dependency on the suppliers in Asia

 - Price stability

 - Highly skilled manufacturer

 - Professional support team who finds quick solution for your order

 - Personal presentation on request 

 - Easy and fast delivery

Despite the fact that production of other similar companies is located in Asian destinations, our company has remained a wholly family grown regional company with manufacturing in the heart of Czech Republic. We are one of the largest glove-producing companies in Europe. Our advantage has always been production quality, ease of availability, and speed of delivery.

 Contact person: Jiri Ehrenberger – Sales director, email: sales@anticut.com, tel: +420 60 7847 847

 Website: www.anticut.com




Contact-Contract is a common project organized within the Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Europe Network, which is supported by the European Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

It is a unique opportunity to increase business competitiveness and identify new markets, business partners and find new clients and suppliers.

Updated listing of CZ companies interested in US market please find in Contact-Contract 2013-2014.




JSG med a.s.

The JSG Honey Company is a corporation with a sole share holder and with one-hundred percent Czech capital. The Company has situated its premises within an industrial complex in the town of Stankov in Western Bohemia. Honey is collected here and further distributed to various European countries. The Company has its own transport which secures an expeditious distribution. Within the complex, which is adapted to food production, there are several operations where actual honey processing takes place, while the raw material processing operation is strictly separated from the actual clean production of honey storage and filling consumer packaging. 

The products of JSG Honey a.s. are easily identifiable and unmistakable within the market place. The golden drop logo, which is easy to remember, easy to distinguish, and clearly visible on each jar of honey, has accompanied these products since their market launch. The honey is supplied in proprietary original glass jars, which are the result of the firm’s own development and are protected by a utility model.

 Contact person: Jiří Straka - CEO, email: jsgmed@jsgmed.cz, tel:  +420 602 117 346, Eva Straková - sales department manager, email: eva.strakova@jsgmed.cz, tel.  +420 607 963 984





Bohemia Crystal Glass is the significant supplier to wholesale and retail chains worldwide. We offer products exclusively manufactured in the Czech republic, where the finest crystal in the world is made. Our wide selection of products vary from traditional to the most exclusive products, with highest quality and brilliance. The great advantage of Bohemia Crystal Glass is the complexity and offer  of not only products but also related services and complete customer service.

Thanks to the diversity of our offer we are approaching all customer segments of domestic and foreign markets with a focus on the winery sector with decanters and stemware,  the hotel and restaurant sector with complete lines of stemware, tumblers, and accessories, as well as the retail sector and corporate businesses using our products, as loyalty gifts program for their partners or employees, and for their own needs.

Just as the Czech Republic glass industry, we focus only on the highest quality, supported by very long tradition that during our operation has been repeatedly verified with complete satisfaction of our customers in the form of long lasting business partnerships.  Bohemia Crystal glass is Czech crystal of the highest quality and brilliance.

Whether you are requesting crystal for your store or a collection of exclusive products such as design and exceptional interior accessories for your customers, the highest quality from the Czech republic as a empire of crystal.  Choose from our wide selection and we will arrange your order.

Contact person: Jakub Čmuchálek
Address: Oldřichovo Nábřeží 159, 285 06 Sázava, Czech Republic
Telephone: +420-722967333 fax: (+420) 226013934,
E-mail: cmuchalek@bohemiacrystalglass.cz
Website: http://www.bohemiacrystalglass.cz/en/




VARI,a.s. is a Czech joint-stock company dealing with manufacture and sale of small farming, garden, and communal machinery and accessories.

Main product lines:   

  • drum mowers
  • mulchers
  • modular systems – VARI minitractors

VARI,a.s. overruns other producers due to own unique construction and traditional high quality of the machines and original design.

Contact:  Mr. Petr Dolezal, Tel: +420 602 365 468, E-mail: dolezal.p@vari.cz

                 Ms. Lucie Farkacova, Tel: +420 778 440 898, E-mail: farkacova.l@vari.cz

Website:  http://www.vari.cz/