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Gun permits

If you are traveling to the Czech Republic and carry a firearm and/or ammunition, you will need to present a Firearms Permit to the immigration officer . You will also need such a permit if you are sending firearms or ammunition to the Czech Republic by mail.

To obtain the Firearms Permit from our Consulate, please follow the instructions below:
1. complete and sign the application form
2. submit your Firearms License
3. submit your Firearm Registration Certificate for each firearm you entered into the application form
4. submit a notarized invitation from the organizers of the hunt or sporting event
5. add the pertaining fees:
fee is 500 CZK for each firearm
and 100 CZK for ammunition
(Please calculate the exact fee in dollars by converting the CZK in to USD by current rate). There is no fee for foreigners, who visit the Czech Republic under the approval or invitation of the Czech government or Parliament or for foreigners who participate in the International shooting competition and there is also no charge for issuance of a Firearms permit for guns obtained as a prize in competition.

A personal appearance when submitting the application is ALWAYS REQUIRED! Please enclose a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage for registered mail if you would like your permit to be returned to you by mail.

The Firearms Permit will be issued by our office within 30 days upon the receipt of your application.

Please note that the fees can be paid by certified cheque or money order payable to the Czech Consulate New York. We do not accept personal cheques/company cheques.

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The gun permit is not required for a hunter, who is a member of one of the states of the European Union for a hunting gun and for ammunition of C category OR a sporting hunter for a sports gun of B and C categories and its ammunition under the condition that he/she is a holder of the European firearms pass, in which the gun is indicated and possesses a letter of invitation (invitation issued by the hunt organizer or the sporting event).

The gun permit is not required for other holders of European firearms pass for guns and ammunition of B and C categories in case of transit, IF the gun is indicated in the pass and the according police office has given their approval. The approval may be issued for the maximum length of one year. The approval is issued into the European firearms pass and it is extendable by one year upon every request.

A preliminary approval of the according Czech authorities is not requested for a transit to the Czech Republic for firearms of category D and mechanical firearms, provided that their strength is not higher than 150 N.


You can find more information at the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic.


Application for gun permit (PDF, 2 MB)



Žádost o ZPL anglická 1 MB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Oct 22, 2008