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Photo: Pixabay.com
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Culinary workshop: Michal Hromas at Jewis Culture Festival in Copenhagen

Come to find out how to prepare eggplant in seven different ways! The culinary workshop by Michal Hromas will take place on the June 2, 2021 from 5 to 6.30 p.m. as part of the Jewish Festival in Copenhagen in cooperation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Copenhagen.


Cooking on an outdoor fire is the latest trend within world gastronomy and Michal Hromas is one of the leading masters of this style. Would you like to taste authentic Sephardic cuisine prepared by one of the most original Czech chefs?

In the culinary workshop, which will take place on June 2, 2021 from 5 to 6.30 p.m. as part of the Jewish Festival in Copenhagen, Michal Hromas will prepare eggplants in seven different ways and you have the opportunity to be there!

When preparing food, Michal Hromas uses only fresh organic vegetables and special ingredients. Michal is inspired by his countless trips abroad. He focuses on regional cuisine, with an emphasis on the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the Balkans.

When: June 2, 2021 from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

Where: DET JØDISKE HUS – Krystalgade 12 – 1172 København K

Organizer: Jewish Festival in Copenhagen in cooperation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Copenhagen // link

Admission: for more information click here


WHO IS Michal Hromas (43)  

Michal Hugo Hromas/Albatrosmedia.cz

Michal Hugo Hromas/Albatrosmedia.cz

The original chef Michal Hugo Hromas prepares all meals on the fire, whether on the grill, in a cauldron or a tajine, or by other techniques, which he calls "my tin circus". He prepares not only meat on the fire, but also delicious vegetable dishes, baked bread and even desserts.

He has been using the gastronomic pseudonym "Hugo Hromas" since he worked for the Borgo Agnes restaurant in Brno, where several of his namesakes worked. He has been involved in ethnic oriental cuisine for over 20 years, but he has worked in many companies of various styles throughout the Czech Republic as well (House of Wine U Závoje, Aromi, Municipal House, Dahab).

He connects his cooking with charity too. He helps homeless people, pensioners and Syrian children in need through the Cook2help project, which also cooperates with the humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders.

He regularly organizes cooking classes at the Riccardo Lucque Laboratory in Prague's Old Town. He was also involved in the birth of street food festivals in the Czech Republic and as part of his project “Nomadis” cooks on an open fire throughout the country.

He shoots the show Ze dvora for the internet television Stream.cz. He also published the original cookbook Fire and Smoke: Recipes prepared on a fire in the open air.