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Exhibition ”A Tribute to PET Bottles“ on Bornholm and Lolland

On the occasion of the Climate Conference COP 15 in Copenhagen the Embassy of the Czech Republic in cooperation with Europe Direct Bornholm, Regional Municipality of Bornholm, Bornholm Central Library and Lolland Municipality have arranged the exhibition “A Tribute to PET Bottles” on Bornholm and Lolland.


The vernissage of one paré of the exhibition took place on 1 December in the Central Library in Rønne on Bornholm, the opening of the second paré took place on 3 December in the administration building of the Lolland Municipality in Maribo. Both exhibitions will be opened until the end of 2009.


There is nothing new in the fact that PET-bottles can be a useful recycling material. But the idea, that they can be used for artistic or creative recycling, is rather new and represents the main theme of the artistic-didactic exhibition A Tribute to PET Bottles. Furthermore, the exhibition concerns the PET-bottle phenomenon and the historical development of the distribution and recycling of the plastic bottles in the Czech Republic.

Palms. Author: Veronika Richterová

The Czech sculptor Veronika Richterová, originally working with enamel, mosaic and visual arts, begun to work with PET bottles recycling in 2004 and since then has created an outstanding branch of art that she spontaneously calls for PET-ART. A “crystal” chandelier made of ca. 60 empty bottles was one of her first works. She draws inspiration from nature, in the daily life or in the cultures of different nations. She creates PET-flowers, PET-animals, Venetian PET-mirrors, a PET-bra... There is an unlimited range of other ideas. Besides her artistic work, Veronika Richterová makes a documentation and an archive of everything connected to this topic.

House Spider. Author: Veronika Richterová




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