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Lectures on Czech Culture and Danish-Czech Communication

The Danish-Czech Business Forum (DTEF), a unique association of Danish companies and entrepreneurs that are interested in trading with Czech partners or investing in the Czech Republic, arranged a course on Czech culture and good communication between Danes and Czechs which took place on 26 April 2010 at the premises of Færch Plast A/S in Holstebro, West Jutland.

Peter Bugge, Associate Professor of Czech studies and translator, and lector Kateřina Haušildová, both from Aarhus University, were the main lecturers.

Associate professor Peter Bugge held a lecture on Czech culture

Henning Sandal from the host company Færch Plast A/S made the opening remarks, followed by Mads Thomsen, DTEF’s marketing coordinator. The lecture by Ass. Prof. Peter Bugge called The Czech Culture was aimed at historical connotations relevant for Czech culture (especially the Communist era and the following process of fundamental social changes) and the influence of regional, generational, educational and professional contexts. The lecturer focused on the deep-rooted stereotypes and clichés (from different points of view), which Danes should be aware of during practical communication with Czech partners.

Teaching associate professor K. Haušildová held a lecture on communication between Danes and Czechs.

At the beginning of her lecture called Communication Traps between Danes and Czechs, Kateřina Haušildová outlined general communication rules in certain cultural contexts and, later on, she focused on concrete Danish-Czech circumstances. The cultural background of both countries and nations is almost the same, nevertheless, communication blocks can emerge – e. g. in the form of so called “false friends“, the words looking alike in different languages, but meaning something completely different. She also talked about the problems of deep-rooted language expressions and stereotypes, of addressing business partners and the information level in mutual communication.

The audience of the lecture on culture and communication

The course was attended by almost 30 guests from the following Danish companies: Færch Plast A/S (the host), Bang & Olufsen, Orifarm, NB Group, Moravia Huse, East Logistics and Dino Stål A/S. Czech Ambassador Zdeněk Lyčka and Honorary Consul Niels Brøchner were also present. In the following debate, the participants accentuated questions connnected with concrete communication problems between their employees and their Czech partners,  which were answered by both lecturers in a highly qualified manner. The seminar was very well organized by DTEF and it was very fruitful.