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Minister Lykke Friis took a view of the exhibition on Czechoslovak samizdat

On 13 August 2011, the Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Equal Rights, Lykke Friis, paid a visit to the Museum of Cold War “Langelandsfortet“ on the island of Langeland. On the very day of the 50th anniversary of building up the Berlin Wall, she introduced a memorial to its victims in the form of an original concrete block from Potsdamer Platz.

Langeland Lykke

Langeland Zeď

Langeland Lykke projev

Langeland Lykke trabant
Minister Lykke Friis introduced the Memorial of the Victims of the Berlin Wall

Together with Bert Greiser, one of the last DDR-citizens arrested under the attempt to flee to  West Berlin, Lykke Friis opened the exhibition Cold War, DDR and Langeland.

Langeland Lykke Bert
L. Friis and B. Greiser (left)

langeland lykke Per
L. Friis and the Danish Ambassador to Germany (and former Ambassador to Czechoslovakia) P. Poulsen-Hansen

Langeland DRR ZL
Ambassador Z. Lyčka at the exhibition “Cold War, DDR and Langeland“; photo: Ejgil Larsen

Accompagnied by Ambassador Zdeněk Lyčka, Lykke Friis took a look round the exhibition on Czechoslovak and Polish “samizdat“ which has been installed at the Museum of Cold War since 9 June 2011.

Langeland Lykke and ZL
L. Friis, Museum’s Director P. T. Andersen (right) and Ambassador Z. Lyčka inspecting the exhibition of Czechoslovak and Polish samizdat; photo: Peter Kåhre