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ŠKODA Tour 2011 in Danish Glamsbjerg

48th International ŠKODA TOUR

ŠKODA TOUR is a traditional annual one week meeting of Škoda car owners and friends of the mark Škoda. Such a meeting enables establishing new frienships or confirming the already existing ones, but helps also to promote tourism and to keep a constant contact between the Škoda car producer and the Škoda car owners. The meetings usually take place in autocamps or in similar lodging facilities, for two following years in different places in Europe and every third year in the Czech Republic – thanks to Automotoklub Škoda in Mladá Boleslav, home of the mark Škoda.


This year’s already 48th International ŠKODA TOUR took place on the Danish island of Fyn on 9 –16 July 2011. About 120 owners and friends of Škoda cars from Denmark, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Gemany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom and Russia participated.



ŠKODA TOUR 2011 was organized by Autoklub Škoda in Glamsbjerg under the leadership of President Uffe Kofoed. Next ŠKODA TOUR will take place in Janské Lázně, the Czech Republic, on 23–30/06/2012.


Uffe Kofoed (left), President of the Autoklub Škoda in Glamsbjerg, and Finn Brunse, Mayor of Assens

Czech Ambassador Zdeněk Lyčka (the speech) and Mayor of Assens, Finn Brunse, took part in the official opening of ŠKODA TOUR 2011 on Saturday 9 July.

Czech Ambassador Z. Lyčka

Organizers and VIP guests


Participants of ŠKODA TOUR 2011

In Krengerup near Glamsbjerg is the Škoda Museum which houses a unique collection of 28 Škoda cars from 1937–1995.


Škoda Museum in Krengerup near Glamsbjerg



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