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Two concerts “Czech Touches of Music” in Denmark

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Copenhagen arranged on 6 and 7 April 2011 two concerts of the Czech untraditional trio consisting of Pavla Švestková (mezzo-soprano), Miroslav Matějka (flute) and Markéta Janáčková (piano). They gave an originally compiled programme of works by classical as well as contemporary Czech composers.

The trio operates under the auspices of the organisation Czech Touches of Music. The purpose of the organisation is the promotion of Czech classical music in both the Czech Republic and abroad via top quality performances at various concerts, festivals and projects of different musical ensembles.

Trio Česeké doteky
The trio (from the left): Pianist Markéta Janáčková, mezzo-soprano Pavla Švestková and flute player Miroslav Matějka

On Wednesday 6 April 2011 a concert for invited guests took place at the residence of the Czech Ambassador in Copenhagen. Around 50 guests from diplomatic missions, political and cultural life and friends of the Czech Republic appreciated the programme by the Czech composers and after the concert used the opportunity to meet the musicians over a glass of Czech wine and beer.

České doteky Švestková
Mezzo-soprano Pavla Švestková

České doteky
Pianist Markéta Janáčková and flute player Miroslav Matějka

On Thursday 7 April 2011 the trio performed to the audience (60 guests from public and Czech community) at the Opstandelseskirken Church in Albertslund near Copenhagen. The cooperation between the Embassy of the Czech Republic and the church has shown to be very successful thanks to the great interest in the Czech music of the organist and choir conductor Vibeke Hinge Kølbel, who studied music in Prague.

České doteky hudby
From the left: pianist Markéta Janáčková and mezzo-soprano Pavla Švestková

České doteky hudby
The trio during the last number of Moravian legends by Czech composer Otmar Mácha