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Opening of the exhibition "Queen Dagmar, Princess of Bohemia" on Lolland

The opening of the exhibition "Queen Dagmar, Princess of Bohemia" took place on 11 December 2012 at the County Museum of Lolland-Falster in Maribo.

Dagmar Maribo muzeum
County Museum of Lolland-Falster

Dagmar Maribo opening
The exhibition opening

Dagmar Maribo ředitelka
Head of Museum U. Schaltz, Mayor  S. Vestergaard and the Czech ambassador Z. Lyčka

The exhibition was launched with opening speeches by the Head of Museum, Ulla Schaltz, the Mayor of the Municipality of Lolland, Stig Vestergaard, and the Czech Ambassador  Zdeněk Lyčka. The representatives from the Czech companies Vítkovice (David Vrána) and Subterra (Boško Tripalo) were also present at the opening. Before the opening they negotiated with Stig Rømer Winther, General Director of the Femern Development Agency, and Mayor S. Vestergaard about the Czech participation in the planned tunnel connection between Denmark and Germany and building appropriate infrastructure. The Ambassador and both representatives of the Czech companies gave an interview to the regional TV station and the daily Folketidende.

Dagmar maribo jednání
Negotiations between the representatives of the Czech companies and the Danish partners (from the right): Mayor S. Vestergaard, S. R. Winther (Femern Development), Boško Tripalo (Subterra), David Vrána (Vítkovice), J. Borcel (the Czech Embassy).

Dagmar Maribo starosta
Mayor S. Vestergaard (on the left) and the Czech ambassador Z. Lyčka at the place where the Femern tunnel between Denmark and Germany will be built.

The exhibition Queen Dagmar, Princess of Bohemia travels around Denmark in the year that we commemorate the 800th anniversary of a historical person who embodied a direct personal connection between Denmark and the Czech Republic. The exhibition was first presented in May 2012 in Ribe (where the Queen lived and died) during the Festival Dagmar800. Another host of this exhibition became Ringsted where Dagmar is buried. In October 2012 the exhibition was presented at the Faculty Library of Humanities of the University of Copenhagen and in November at the Roskilde Library. The exhibition will stay in Maribo until 5 January 2013 from where it will continue its journey to the island of Møn and to Aarhus.

Dagmar Maribo
The exhibition

The Czech version of the exhibition, which was created due to the Czech Ambassador’s initiative and financially supported by the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic, was held 27 September – 30 October 2012 at the National Library in Prague. On 8 November 2012 the exhibition was ceremonially opened in Kutná Hora, the Czech twin town of Ringsted. Afterwards it will be shown at the Moravian Museum in Brno (January-February 2013), the Regional Museum in Olomouc and other cities in the Czech Republic.

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