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Photo: Transport from Paradise
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Screening of the film "Transport from Paradise"

On Tuesday 29 January 2019, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Copenhagen and Husets Biograf arranged another film night. To commemorate the Holocaust Memorial Day, which is on 26 January, we showed the film Transport from Paradise directed by Zbyněk Brynych.

The plot takes place in Theresienstadt and was inspired by the book of Arnošt Lustig Night and Hope. The film captures the suffocating atmosphere and resistance of people even through times of immense humiliation. Theresienstadt is in the introduction presented as a quiet and happy city, whose inhabitants enjoy life. But it is only an illusion, which was created to support German propaganda. General SS Knecht, who carries out an inspection of the ghetto, then orders transport of Jews to the extermination camp...

Invitation: Transport from Paradise (PDF, 172 KB)
Husets Biograf