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Czech Republic Alumni Focus Groups

Czech Republic is launching a new alumni programme connecting all international students who have studied at Czech higher education institutions. Take part in one of the planned moderated focus groups and share your insights with alumni all over the world! Apply latest by 26th October 2020.

The Czech Republic Alumni initiative is a new programme of the Czech National Agency for International Education and is intended for all foreigners, who have studied at Czech higher education institutions, without limiting the length of study, who identify not only with their former institution but also with the Czech Republic and its culture. Visit our website for more information on the Czech Republic Alumni programme and the upcoming services.  

For the purpose of developing a meaningful and beneficial programme for our members and partners, we are organizing several focus groups with the goal of finding out how foreign graduates, who have studied in the Czech Republic perceive their academic experience retrospectively, including the view of participants on the benefits of studying and staying in or moving from the Czech Republic during various phases of their lives. 

Registration for the focus groups and more details about the alumni programme can be found here: www.bit.ly/alumnifocusgroups