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Photo: Embassy of the Czech Republic
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Czech toys charity has made Syrian children happy

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Damascus distributed a large number of toys to the humanitarian organizations in Syria last week. The toys were donated by the Czech citizens.

The collection of toys was provided by the staff of the Department of the Middle East and Africa at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Prague. 14 bags of toys, kits, sport articles and coloring books for young children had been collected. The toys were donated to the abandoned children in an orphanage and a kindergarten in Damascus and to a humanitarian organization that handed them over to the families in need. A part of the collection was also delivered to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent for further distribution.

The embassy representatives personally handed the toys over to the St. Paul Orphanage during the festivity of St. Barbara's Day. The nuns prepared some special sweet dishes and the children showed a dance performance. The celebrations were attended by the members of the association of sponsors of the St. Paul Orphanage. St. Paul children's Home was already supported in the frame of the Small Local Projects in 2018. This enabled the representatives of the Home to improve the furnishing of the children's rooms, to arrange a dining room, to furnish the kitchen with the necessary appliances and to buy a washing machine.

There was a pleasant atmosphere all through the evening, in the course of which the nurses expressed their thanks for the financial support and for the toys.


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