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Photo: Embassy of the Czech Republic
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Humanitarian and Development Projects

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Damascus concluded four new contracts with Syrian entities in the first half of May. The contracts concern the implementation of projects under the government program "Delivering Humanitarian, Development and Reconstruction Assistance to Syria in 2016-2019". The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, together with some other ministries, contributes this way to the alleviation of the consequences of the war in Syria.

Two contracts were signed within the program “The Small Local Projects for the year 2019”. One of the contracts, signed with the Greece Orthodox Archdiocese of Latakia, is meant to support the Humanitarian Assistance for the Syrian vulnerable children and families. The project will provide the annual health insurance for 200 children and clothing coupons for the poorest families in Latakia. The other contract will allow upgrading the laboratory equipment in Al Huda Hospital in the suburbs of Damascus. Both projects are financially supported by 500 thousand CZK.

Another two contracts of CZK 5 million were signed under the new program of "Tied Financial Donation". The agreed amount of money will be provided to a Syrian beneficiary. The first contract will enable the Tishreen University Hospital in Latakia to be supplied with all the necessary medical equipment, which will be provided by the Czech company Tems-Group. The other contract, concluded with the Al-Huda Hospital, is focused on the reconstruction of the wastewater treatment plant and on the improvement of water management in the hospital. This project will be implemented by the Czech company G-Servis Praha.

The financial support in the Tied Financial Donations program is exclusively provided to products or technologies supplied by the Czech manufacturers or suppliers. The implementation of the program is intended to help the Czech entrepreneurs find suitable export opportunities on the potential Syrian market.



Czech Development in Syria