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Photo: Czech Embassy in Damascus
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Signatures of Three New Humanitarian and Development Projects

At the beginning of July this year, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Damascus signed new contracts with Syrian subjects for the implementation of "Local Small Scale Local Projects" as part of the continuation of the government's program "Provision of Humanitarian, Development and Reconstruction Assistance to Syria 2020-2021". The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, together with other ministries, is contributing to the mitigation of the consequences of the war in Syria and to the overall reconstruction of the country in the most affected areas.

Under the Small Local Projects program for the year 2020, three contracts were signed in June, one to support a center for hearing-impaired children in Damascus named "Aamal". The help consists in the possibility of purchasing a diagnostic tympanometer and audiometer, thanks to which it is possible to provide free professional diagnostics of hearing impairments and assistance to up to 1,500 children a year from Damascus and the surrounding area.

Another Local Small Scale Project contract concerns the reconstruction of the existing orphanage, which was severely damaged due to the war, which is established at the Orthodox monastery of St. Takla in Maaloula. These are construction work, modification of accommodation and equipment of service rooms such as laundry, kitchen, restrooms, heating system, etc. This financial contribution will significantly help to improve the living conditions of children and working conditions of local staff.

Finally, the third contract concluded with the Orthodox Monastery of the Mother of God the Fountain of Living in Latakia, where the project aims to provide support to a humanitarian aid center operating in the Latakia area and the surrounding area (close to Idlib province) as a center for internally displaced refugees due to war conflict. Health and social care is provided free of charge to these families and individuals. The financial support will enable the purchase of a diesel generator for electricity production, which will cover all the energy needs of the humanitarian center.

All the above-mentioned projects are financially supported approximately by 500 thousands CZK.

Prepared by: David Mertl, Development and Economic Diplomat, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Damascus


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