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Photo: David Mertl
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Successful implementation and completion of the "Small Scale Local Projects" program in Syria

At the end of 2020, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Damascus successfully implemented new projects to support various Syrian entities under the "Local Small Scale Projects" program, as part of the continuation of the government's program "Provision of Humanitarian, Development and Reconstruction Assistance to Syria 2020-2021".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, together with other ministries, is contributing to mitigate the consequences of the war in Syria and the overall reconstruction of the country in the most affected areas.

The Embassy in Damascus focused on a form of assistance that goes in the direction of practical support for entities in need, such as the delivery of a diesel generator for electricity production to the humanitarian aid center at the Monastery of the Mother of God in Latakia. The current unfortunate situation in most regions of Syria has resulted in the absence of basic goods, in this case, the distribution of electricity, which is highly volatile and in some regions completely inadequate.

Another example of Czech aid is the restoration of the orphanage in the monastery of St. Tekla in Maaluula, as well as the delivery of special technical equipment to the center for hearing-impaired children.


Projects in detail:


Project title: "Delivery of a diesel generator to the humanitarian aid center at the Monastery of the Mother of God in Latakia"

Implementer: Orthodox monastery of the Mother of God in Latakia

FDC CZ contribution: CZK 500,000

The project aimed to provide support to the Humanitarian Aid Center at the Orthodox Monastery of the Mother of God, which operates for the Latakia and surrounding area (adjacent to Idlib Province) as a center for internally displaced war refugees. These families and individuals will continue to receive basic health and social care free of charge. The financial support enabled the purchase of a diesel generator for electricity production, which will cover all the necessary energy needs of the center, as there is a very frequent power outage in this area. The assistance, therefore, focused on improving the living conditions of displaced Syrians and consisted mainly of providing basic health care, basic food and clothing.


Project title: "Restoration of the orphanage in the monastery of St. Tekla in Maaluula"

Implementer: Monastery of St. Tekla of The Orthodox Church in Maaluula

FDC CZ contribution: CZK 500,000

The aim of the project was to support the reconstruction of the existing orphanage in the monastery, which was during the war conflict one of the bases of active members of the terrorist group Al-Nusra for three years, who severely damaged the whole monastery complex. The project focused mainly on financing construction works, modification of accommodation and purchase of equipment for service areas such as laundry, kitchen, toilets, heating, beds, etc. The financial contribution significantly helped to improve the living conditions of orphans and working conditions of staff.


Project title: "Delivery of equipment to the center for the hearing impaired AAMAL"

Implementer: AAMAL (Syrian NGO)

FDC CZ contribution: CZK 445,000

The support went to the center for hearing-impaired children in Damascus, administered by the Syrian non-profit organization for the disabled (AAMAL), which, with the support of the Czech Republic, acquired special audio equipment for teaching children with severe hearing impairment. The financial support made it possible to purchase a diagnostic tympanometer and an audiometer, thanks to which it is now possible to provide professional diagnostics of hearing impairments and assistance to up to 1,500 children from Damascus and the surrounding area. The aim of the project is the social integration of children with severe hearing loss.