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How to book appointment - Applications for employee cards, long term visa and long term residence permit of the citizens of Nepal and Bangladesh

Applicants from Nepal and Bangladesh for employee card, long term visa and long term residence permit traveling to the Czech Republic have to make an appointment for visa submission in the following manner.

The above specified category of applicants traveling to the Czech Republic shall schedule an appointment for the purpose of submitting their employee card, long term visa and long term residence permit application via the following e-mail address:


The subject of the e-mail requesting an appointment ONLY has to contain the passport number of the applicant. E-mails which will not contain only the passport number in the subject will not be considered as valid and will not be answered and processed. The system based on the alphanumeric code was cancelled.

Each applicant is allowed to send ONLY ONE (1) e-mail. Applicants who will send more than 1 e-mail (in case of duplicity of his/her passport number in the subjects of the e-mails), will be excluded. The applicant will be informed about the same in 1 e-mail, which will be sent as a reply to his/her first duplicate e-mail.

The email must contain the following identification information about the applicant:

  1. first name and surname
  2. date of birth
  3. passport number
  4. purpose of travel
  5. phone number
  6. e-mail
  7. attachment- scan of the passport data page (in the .pdf  format)
  8. attachment- scan of the document proving the travel purpose (f.e. employee card - complete and signed employment contract, study purpose - acceptance letter of the university, unification of the family - marriage certificate, birth certificate in the .pdf format)

It is to be noted that the received applications will be accepted and processed chronologically. The applicant will only be given an appointment date if all the necessary requirements are fulfilled. All correct e-mails received before the available capacity is reached will be answered with an automatic response and will be processed within 7 days.  When the capacity is reached, the applicant will receive an automatic response and can schedule an appointment date the following month.

The appointment dates are final and unchangeable. Cancelled appointments cannot be replaced by other applicants. If the applicant cancels his/her appointment, a new appointment must be arranged via e-mail under the described procedure.

The above mentioned email address can be used only for reservation of slots for submission of applications for employee cards, long term visa and long term residence permit of citizens of Nepal and Bangladesh.

There is no other way to make an appointment for submission of above mentioned applications and the Embassy will not respond to attempts which do not follow the above described procedure.