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Long-Term Visa vs. Residence Permit

Both the long-term visa and the long-term residence permit are issued when the stay on the territory of the Czech Republic is expected to exceed 3 months. In general, the long-stay visa is primarily intended for persons who expect to stay in the Czech Republic for several months, while long-stay residence permit is primarily intended for persons who expect in the Czech Republic for several years – for example full study programme in a university, employment etc.

In case of accredited study programmes, either a long-term visa or long-stay residence permit may be applied for, in case of employment (employee card and blue card) residence permit is issued.


  • allow stay exceeding 90 days (3 months),
  • allow movement for the tourist purpose in the Schengen Area within 90 days in any 180-day period,
  • long-term visas and long-term residence permits can be extended on the territory of the Czech Republic – in case the purpose of stay continues, kindly contact the respective branch of the Ministry of Interior according to the place of residence.


Long-term visas:

  • are issued as multiple visas for a maximum of 1 year,
  • for the purpose of health, culture, sport, study, scientific research, family, entrepreneurship and other.

Long-term residence permits:

  • a one-entry long-stay visa is issued for the purpose of collecting a long-term residence permit in the territory of the Czech Republic, with the duration of 60 days and validity 6 months,
  • for the purpose of employment (employee card or blue card), study, scientific research, and family reunification.

Legal sources:

  • Act No 326/1999 Coll., on the Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Czech Republic and Amending Certain Acts