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Visa for the purpose of collecting a residence permit

In some cases, for instance when changing a passport in the country of origin after or if the validity of a long-term visa/residence permit expires in the course of proceedings on a legitimate newly filed application, or after approving applications for a long-term residence permit filed at an embassy, then to return/enter the Czech Republic, you will need a visa for the purpose of receiving a residence permit.

For this you must fill in the Long-term visa form, add your photograph, no other requirements are necessary.

You do not need any appointment date, you can submit your application in all working days within working hours of the Embassy.

This visa is conferred ex officio in the shortest time possible.

The visa is issued with a validity of 6 months and it entitles the foreigner to a residence for a maximum stay of 60 days. After travelling to the Czech Republic, it is necessary to report to the MOI within 3 working days for the subsequent acts.

The embassy will request you submit proof of medical travel insurance.