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A message from the Ambassador

Dear friends and readers,

We greatly appreciate the positive relations between the Czech Republic and Ireland. The two European countries have many things in common, such as lifestyle, quality of life and a highly educated population. This allows us to develop our cooperation in various areas and to get to know each other more deeply. We have something to offer not only in business, culture, education, but also in exploring the beauties of our countries.

Bilateral cooperation within the European Union can be of great help in promoting the similar interests of smaller member states. In order to do so, it is important that we encourage proposals of a similar or equal focus that will equally benefit both countries. Therefore it is key, that we foster mutual exchange of information, particularly in the field of scientific and technological development.

Dear friends,

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Dublin also fulfills an important function of providing consular services to thousands of Czech citizens living and working in Ireland. They also help mutual knowledge of both countries while taking an active role in developing Ireland.

Our embassy may be small in scale but with a competent team of workers, who strive to pursue not only the interests of the Czech Republic, but also aid in promoting the common interests of our two countries.

If you have any questions, suggestions or information regarding Czech - Irish cooperation, please get in touch with us.

With warm regards and with assurance of successful future cooperation,


Petr Kynštetr

Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Ireland