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History of diplomatic relations between the Czech Republic and Ireland

Prior to the Second World War, there were no diplomatic relations between Czechoslovakia and Ireland. In 1929, the Czechoslovak Consulate was established in Dublin, officially commencing its activities on November 14, 1929 and continuing its operation right up until January 29, 1947 when the Irish were informed of the intention to establish the Czechoslovak Embassy in Dublin. The first known document conveying the intention to establish a diplomatic representation by either side was a letter from the Czechoslovak State Secretary Vladimir Clementis and, therefore, the receipt of this letter by the Irish marked the beginning of the Czechoslovak-Irish diplomatic relations.

The Embassy's activities came to an end on April 1, 1950 with the decision taken by the then Czechoslovak government and after that date diplomats were no longer exchanged between Czechoslovakia and Ireland. It was not until December 1975, that permanent UN representatives from both countries signed a joint agreement on setting up embassies in the two countries with a clause stating that neither side would establish a diplomatic representation until 1979. During the 1970s, the Czechoslovak Trade Mission was established in Dublin, which was transformed into the Embassy in 1995. Up to 1995, diplomatic relations were carried out through Czech and Irish Ambassadors resident in third countries (United Kingdom and Austria).

Diplomatic relations between the Czech Republic and Ireland were officially established on January 1, 1993. The Embassy of the Czech Republic commenced its activities in Dublin in April 1995. The position of Czech Ambassador resident in Ireland has been held by Mr. Lubos Novy (1995-1999), Mr. Petr Kolar (1999-2003), Mr. Josef Havlas (2003-2008) and Mr. Tomas Kafka (2008-2014), Mrs. Hana Mottlova (2014 - 2018). Mr. Petr Kynštetr has served as Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Ireland since 13 March 2018. The position of Irish Ambassador resident in Prague has been held by Mrs. Marie Cross (1995-1999), Mr. Michael Collins (1999-2001), Mr. Joseph Hayes (2001-2005), Mr. Donal Hamill (2005-2009), Mr. Richard Ryan (2009-2011), Mr. Brian McElduff, chargé d´affaires (2011-2012), Mrs. Alison Kelly (2012-2015), Mr. Charles Sheehan (2015 - 2019) and Mrs. Cliona Manahan (November 21, 2019 ).