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Ankawa, Kareez 15, Street 74, House 12,
Erbil, Region of Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraq
Telephone:   +964 (0) 66 225 3948,  +964 751 234 2264
Email: erbil@embassy.mzv.cz 
This email address is to be used for general communication with the Consulate General

Office Hours: Sunday–Thursday   09:00–12:00 hrs, 13:00–16:00 hrs

Commercial-Economic Section:
: +964 (0) 66 225 3948
E-mail: commerce_erbil@mzv.cz
This email address is to be used for commercial-economic issues only.

More information about Commercial-Economic Section here

Visa and Consular Section:
Telephone: +964 (0) 751 009 2914, +964 (0) 66 225 3948
Email: consulate_erbil@mzv.cz
This email address is to be used for visa and consular issues only.
It cannot be used for reservation of visa appointment

Office Hours of Visa and Consular Section:
Sunday         13:00–16:00 Schengen visa,
Monday       09:00–12:00 Schengen visa,     13:00–16:00 Long - term visa
Tuesday       09:00–12:00 Schengen visa,     13:00–16:00 Consular Affairs
Wednesday 09:00–12:00 Schengen visa,     13:00–16:00 Consular Affairs
Thursday     09:00–12:00 Consular Affairs, 13:00–16:00 Consular Affairs

(for inquiries please call between 09:00–17:00 hrs)

PLEASE NOTE: Change of Office Hours of Visa and Consular Section  during the restriction of the provision of visa services to the public from 1.8.2020.

PLEASE NOTE: Appointment for submitting a visa application - Schengen visa or long-term visa or residence permit can be obtained only through email address visa_erbil@mzv.cz . More information here

Based on bilateral agreements, the Consulate General of the Czech Republic represents the following countries when accepting a Schengen visa application:
   - Slovakia
   - Belgium (only for holders of diplomatic and service passports)

The representation of BEL and SVK was temporarily suspended.

Applications for long-term visas and long-term or permanent residence permits are not subject of representation agreements.

More information about the Visa and Consular Section here

Emergency Line: +964 750 212 5225
The line operates only outside the working hours of the Consulate General and is intended exclusively for citizens of the Czech Republic or European Union in distress or health and life threats.
In other cases, contact us during office hours.
No information will be provided at this number, including about the visa and consular issues.

The Consulate General of the Czech Republic is to be closed during the following Czech State Holidays in 2021

Day of week


State Holiday


1st January

New Year, Restoration Day of the Czech State


2nd April

Good Friday


5th April

Easter Monday


1st May

Labour Day


8th May

Liberation Day


5th July

St. Cyril and Methodus Day


6th July

Jan Hus Day


28th September

Day of the Czech Statehood


28th October

Day of Foundation of the Independent Czechoslovak state


17th November

Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day


24th December

Christmas Eve


25th  December

Christmas Day


26th December

St. Stephen’s Day




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