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Humanitarian aid and development assistance

Renovation of a primary school in the village of Banda


As the second small local project of Czech development cooperation (MLP) in Iraq in 2021, the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Erbil implemented another renovation of a primary school, this time in the village of Banda, the mountainous… more ►

Another successful renovation of a primary school in the province of Nineveh


The renovation of the third primary school in Nineveh province, Iraq, was implemented as a small local project of Czech development aid (MLP) for 2021 in the village of Derastun, Alqosh district. The first two schools were also renovated under… more ►

High quality Czech medical equipment for hospitals in Kurdistan Region


Czechia continues its development cooperation in Kurdistan Region. Using Tied Financial Donation Program, 2 surgical theatres and 3 delivery room sets will be installed in coming weeks to improve quality of health services for patients and to… more ►

The Czech Republic’s Humanitarian Assistance and Development Cooperation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq 2017-2020

Humanitarian aid and Development cooperation of the Czech Republic in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq has been focusing on improving quality and access of population to: -healthcare, including child care, sanitation and hygiene -education and… more ►

Implementation of a unique Czech project in Yazidi town Sinjar / Shingal, Yazid, successfully completed by handing over to the local administration


With the participation of the Vice Governor of the Province of Nineveh, Mr. Ali Umar Khazar, representatives of the Health Directorate of the Province of Nineveh and the District of Sinjar, the Shingal Medical Centre, built as Czech humanitarian… more ►

The Czech financial donation project contributed to the restoration of a unique historical monument in the cradle of civilization


The shrine of the biblical prophet Nahum is a monument of extraordinary importance, representing the common roots of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is applying for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and Czech assistance is… more ►

Successful renovation of Neravai primary school in the village of Bozan


School renovation has been implemented by Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Erbil in cooperation with local non-governmental organization Falcons for social development as a small local development project (MLP) in 2020. more ►

The Czech company supplies medical equipment to the pediatric hospital in Sulaimania


Hospital in the city of Sulaimania shall purchase medical equipment from a selected Czech company worth almost CZK 5,000,000 from a financial grant provided through the Czech Development Cooperation instrument of tied financial donation. more ►

Renovation of School in Babire, Nineveh Governorate, Iraq


On 12th September 2019, newly renovated school in Babire, district Tilkaif/Alqosh. Nineveh Governorate, has been opened for a new school year. “Babire School Renovation” project has been implemented as the small-scale development… more ►

Bread for Internally Displaced in Iraqi Kurdistan


Small local project Khanike Bakery more ►

The Consulate General has officially opened the Paediatric Clinic in Sherfadin


On June 7, 2017, Madam Consul General visited the town of Sherfadin in the district of Sinjar, Nineveh Province, in order to monitor completion of a Mobile Paediatric Clinic built within the Small Local Project (SLP) funded by the Ministry of… more ►

Launch of a new children's home building for refugee and IDP children, who lost their parents, in Duhok


In the presence of Mme Eva Drdáková, Consul General of the Czech Republic in Erbil, and Mr. Farhad Atrushi, Governor of Duhok, the opening ceremony of the new building of a children's home for children from the displaced population and refugees,… more ►