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Resumption provision of consular affairs and in limited extent and amounts visa services to public

As of August 1, 2020, the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Erbil  has resumed provision of consular affairs and in limited extent and amounts visa services to public.


Visa services resumption is taking place as the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic continues.

We therefore ask for applicants´ cooperation in observing hygienic rules when visiting the consulate. Applicants will be required to use hands´ disinfection, wear face masks and maintain at least 2 meters distance. The number of persons who can simultaneously enter the consulate premises will be limited.

We also ask for applicants´ understanding that the amount of applications that the consulate can accept and process while observing the preventive hygienic measures cannot approximate the amount of applications accepted and processed before the state of emergency.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims to enable arrival of those foreign nationals who need visas to stay in the Czech Republic. However, at the same time, it will not be possible to accommodate all applicants in the midst of the pandemics. While observing the preventive hygienic measures, the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Erbil currently can accept 10 applications per week for Schengen visas submitted by following groups only:

  • Family members of Czech citizens,
  • EU citizens with permanent residence in the Czech Republic,
  • In the interest of the Czech Republic,
  • Diplomats and officials of international organizations.

In addition, 10 applications per week for long-stay visas for only the purpose of:

  • Studies, preferably within government programs, STUDENT program and Accelerated Procedure, accredited study only,
  • Cultural and sports,
  • Within the framework of Government programs of targeted Economic migration,
  • Scientific research,
  • Family reunification (Only spouse or minor child of a foreigner with a long-term or permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic),
  • So-called transfer of the D / VR visa sticker.

Applications for other purposes cannot be accepted at this time.

The extent of the visa services currently provided remains limited – refer to the overview in Point III of this article. The extent of the visa services that consulates are currently allowed to provide is anchored in the Protective Measure of the Ministry of Health from July 17, 2020.

Obligatory submission of document against introduction of infectious disease, point IV.

Entry to the Czech Republic and quarantine measures, point V.

PLEASE NOTE: Change of Office Hours of Visa and Consular Section  during the restriction of the provision of visa services to the public from 1.8.2020.