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Obligation for foreigners to complete adaptation-integration courses

The obligation to complete these courses follows from Act No. 326/1999 Sb., On the stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic, specifically from Title XIIIa "Integration of Foreigners", which was inserted into the Act by an amendment effective from 31 July 2019. In the annex we send Decree No. 520/2020 Sb., By which the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic stipulates the implementation of adaptation-integration courses.

The course must be completed by every foreigner who has been issued a long-term permit since 1 January 2021, or permanent residence. However, it does not apply to certain categories of long-term stays (for study, investment, employee and blue cards under government programs, etc.) and applicants under 15 and over 61, EU citizens and their families.

The foreigner is obliged to complete the course within one year of receiving the residence permit. Failure to comply with this obligation is considered an offense for which a fine of up to CZK 10,000 may be imposed.

The course lasts 4 hours and costs CZK 1,500. It is organized exclusively by the Centers for the Support of the Integration of Foreigners (www.integracnicentra.cz) in the Czech language with interpretation into foreign languages ​​(English, Arabic, French, Mongolian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, or other languages).

During the course, foreigners will receive basic information about the conditions of residence in the territory, employment, business, housing, education, health care and general information about the Czech Republic (history, culture, etc.).

More information about the course on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.