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Data box

The consular section of the Czech Embassy in The Hague provides several services related to administration of a data box via Czech POINT. The most required is ‘invalidating of access data into a data box and issuing new one’.

In case of loss or theft of access data into a data box, you can apply for invalidating access data into a data box and issuing new one. This service is often used also by company owners who do not access their data box from computer with a Czech-based IP address.

In case of the service ‘invalidating access data into a data box and issuing new one’ we kindly ask you to contact us before your visit, by tel.: (00-31) 070 313 00 18 or e-mail: consulate_hague@mzv.cz.

This service is provided during office hours of the consular section (Monday 12 – 3 p.m., Tuesday and Wednesday 9 – 11:30 a.m.).

You have to prove your identity with a valid passport or I.D. document (but not a driving license) and state the ID code of the data box in question. Your e-mail address to which the new access data will be forwarded by the system is also necessary.

Access data is invalidated immediately and subsequently you will receive an e-mail from the Data Box Authority with reference to the activation portal where you collect the new access data.