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State Symbols



National Flag   National Seal

Description of the National Seal

The three original lands of the Czech Crown are represented on the national seal by three crests:
a lion with two tails representing Bohemia, a red-and-white chequered eagle representing Moravia and a black eagle bearing a silver crescent representing Silesia.

Facts and Data

National Anthem: Kde domov můj (Where is my Home)
Area: 78,886 sq.km
Capital: Prague (Praha) (Population: 1,213,800)
Length of state border: 2,303 km
Population: 10,304,302
Population density: 131 inhabitants/sq. km
Time zone: Central European Time (C.E.T.)
Political system: Parliamentary democracy
Currency: Koruna (Kc) - Czech crown (CZK) /1 USD = 40.2 CZK ..6 May, 2000/CNB