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English name, used abbreviation, Czech name, (used abbreviation) CR Czechoslovakia Bank of International Settlements, BIS, Banka pro vyrovnávání mezinárodních plateb 1993 1930 Central Dispatching Organization of the Interconnected Power Systems, CDO,

The founding of "Club Prague" in Ho Chi Minh City
The new Club Praha was founded on the 11 th of January 2002 in Ho Chi Minh City. The Club unites former Vietnamese students to the Czech Republic (incl. to the former Czechoslovakia) and persons who used to work in our country or who have a good relation or interest for it. The goal of the Club is to be a meeting place for people who have memories of the Czech lands and who wish to share their experiences and make friends with other Czech speaking people.

The Club resides in the restaurant "Hoa Vien" in Ho Chi Minh City. The Restaurant is owned by the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic, Mr. Ngo Hong Chuyen, who will make it possible to listen to Czech music, watch Czech films and to read Czech books for the members of the club.