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Hilmalyydia Nuolivaara & Magdaleena Jakkila

Ve středu 26. dubna  byla zahájena třetí výstava v rámci Embassy Gallery. Multimediální výstavu "VERY NICE INTERIORS" připravily dvě mladé finské umělkyně Hilmalyydia Nuolivaara a Magdaleena Jakkila.  Výstava bude přístupná po předchozí domluvě v pracovních dnech do 9. června 2017 ( nebo 0961208812).


MJ & HN X Office Furniture Arrangement.
The Exhibition “Very Nice Interiors”, prepared by young Finnish multimedia artist couple Magdaleena Jakkila and Hilmalyydia Nuolivaara, reacts to the specific interior design of the Embassy Gallery, which is situated inside the building of the Czech Embassy in Helsinki.The representative premises of the Embassy are unique for their comfortable appearance and stimulate pleasant feelings of home atmosphere. The same space is used for meetings in the area of international politics and business.
The artists intervention to the gallery space is formed by visual code of mass produced interior home decoration magazines and blogs, which demonstrate attitude of contemporary lifestyle - SHOP, DÉCÓR, FOOD, TRAVEL, FINANCE, RELATIONSHIPS. The way of installation proves the elements of territorial behavior by changing the location of the furniture, the room equipment suddenly becomes part of the composition and the artwork by itself. The authors taking the mystery out of styling coffee tables with sculptures from metallic silver mass. Cactus with needles. Conference room twisted into a bizarre living room with video art and persian carpet from representative antique style dining room. Dining with art & soul with the book of Josef Sudek. Prague beautiful and romantic.
Artwork deal with the situation of public and private, intimacy, home feelings, emotional emptiness of the office spaces and the meaning of ”representative appearance”. The works exhibited in the Embassy Gallery were made recently during the trip to Los Angeles and the study internship in Ústí nad Labem in the Czech Republic.
And how about your art, does it match with your couch?
Barbora Kachlíková /Curator

Very nice interiors

Very nice interiors