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Finnish-Czech Society

The Finnish-Czech Society (Suomi-Tšekki seura, Finsko-česká společnost) was established in 1994 with the purpose to gather Czech compatriots living in Finland with Finnish friends of the Czech Republic. The former Finnish-Czechoslovakian Society (Suomi-Tšekkoslovakia seura, Finsko-československá společnost) was based in Finland since 1947 and between its members belonged important personalities of Finnish cultural life. Recently, the community has about 120 members consisting of Czech compatriots and Finnish citizens who speak Czech or who are interested about the Czech Republic.

With the financial support from the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Society is issuing twice per year a bulletin called Näköala Tšekkiin (View to the Czech Republic, Pohled do Česka). The bulletin contains information about the Finnish-Czech Society work and also different news about the Czech history, culture, contemporary art, tourism and sport. A significant part of the community work is to provide courses of Czech language for its members or other interested. The Society claims a strong will for maintaining good relations between Finland and the Czech Republic.


President: Eero Kettunen