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Radio Prague – broadcasting abroad

Ministry of Foreign Affairs finances radio broadcasts abroad as a part of its state promotion and information activity. The broadcasts from CR abroad are in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Czech and Russian.

This broadcasting has a long tradition in our country; it has been going on since 1936. The activity is carried out by Czech Radio 7 – Radio Prague in the frame of the Conception of foreign policy accepted by the government in 1999. This Conception puts the accent also on expatriate communities which form the core of the listeners of the broadcasting abroad in the Czech language. Thanks to the Radio Prague the listeners have the opportunity to hear the Czech language every day in distant and large regions in the world on shortwave or internet.

The broadcasting abroad cooperates also with the subjects involved in promoting the Czech Republic abroad such as Czech Centres, Czech Tourism, CzechTrade, Czechinvest etc.

The aim of the broadcasts abroad is “to provide qualified and objective information about political, economical, cultural and society development in the Czech Republic according to the foreign policy conception of the Czech Republic”. The Czech Radio has the responsibility for the broadcasting contents (editors are its employees). The advisory body of MFA as a broadcasting manager is so called Consulting Council whose members are representatives of MFA, members of parliamentary committees related to media questions, Director of Radio Prague and a member of Council for radio and TV broadcasting. This Council has the right to make remarks about the broadcasting content.

The broadcasts from CR abroad are in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Czech and Russian. The agreement on providing broadcasting determinates that the Czech Radio ensures broadcasting every day in a year in the total extent of almost 24 hours (7 hours in English, 6 h in Czech, 4 h in Spanish, 3 h in French, 2 h in German, 1,5 h in Russian). The broadcasting has its stable programme structure which tries to bring the Czech Republic near to the listeners in all its spheres.

Radio broadcasting follows the development in communication technologies and it tries to introduce them according to its possibilities. Since 1994 Radio Prague has been operating its website – The aim is to make the broadcasting of the Czech Radio 7 (ČRo 7) available in sound and text even in those parts of the world which are not covered by shortwave and internet signal. On the websites of the Radio you can find besides the broadcast content also a lot of useful information about the Czech Republic as well as internet links to the significant Czech institutions. On request the employees of ČRo 7 can send fresh news free to those who are interested (you only leave a message to or directly to


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